Review Of Wood Watches By Jord

What can i say, it’s not everyday that you come across distinctive timepieces like the Jord wood watches. Jord is swedish for earth, soil, land and that explains the watches being classically styled from natural wood.
 I was really excited to receive this watch, mostly because i didn’t know what to expect, it was my first time of even hearing about functional wooden watches that can be worn stylishly instead of just ornamental items, I’m glad I wasn’t disappointed….
  •  Primarily, I like the color and the cut out bezel design.

Okay. I actually had help selecting this particular Sully watch from the options I was given because they all looked cute that I had to pick my top 3 and then ask my friends and group mates to pick their faves, this one got 5 hits including my vote.

 According to the Jord team, their watches tell more than time and i agree, remember my first post featuring the watch? That’s where i got the title, now to the review of wood watches by Jord…
  • I love that they pay attention to the details in their watches, giving each collection it’s own unique look.
  • On the other hand, you have the chance to get your watch re-sized for an additional small fee while ordering so that your watch arrives size-appropriate. They had mine re-sized before sending it over.


 I’ve been rocking my watch since i received it and so far, nothing to complain about.
  •  It’s quite light so you don’t have to worry about weight and the wood is properly crafted.
  • Oh, the J in Jord is pronounced as Y in case you’ve been pronouncing it wrongly 🙂


 If you are impressed by my Sully natural green & maple watch, then you would be blown away by the rest of the collections from this innovative company! Also follow them on social media – google+ || facebook to stay updated.

Wooden Wristwatch

This watch is c/o of Jord, regardless all opinions are mine. Till my next post,
Have a great day.

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