Saddle Bags – The It Bags For Fall

 Every now and then an It bag floods the fashion scene and becomes the number one item on every fashionista’s wish list, first it was the bucket bags then the fancy leather backpacks and now the cross body saddle bags. These saddle bags got really obvious when the Chloe drew bags were seen on lots of fashionista’s shoulders. One would think these bags are affordable because of their popularity among bloggers, well think again!chloe drew saddle bag trend

 The good thing is, almost every high street brand now stock similar styled versions so, if you are obsessed with the drew bags but can’t and/or won’t spend so much for them, then you can just buy a similar version, I’ve even used a similar mini style on the blog in this blog post and a few others.

Similar styles with way lower price tags

After the introduction of the Drew bags and similar styles, the saddle bags got revamped with even more styles and price options to choose from.
Tassel and woven stylewoven and fringed saddle bag trend

Suede:suede saddle bags

Love these suede versions with tassels too!

Plain leather-look:plain leather saddle bag

Studded and/or RhinestonesStudded saddle bags

Even if you aren’t into boho style, many of the saddle bags can suit different looks. Since the 70s have taken center stage in the fashion scene this year, let’s enjoy the trends while they last!
So what do you think of saddle bags?

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*P.S. You can check out the circle bag trend too.

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