8 Compelling Reasons Why Turkey Should Be Next On Your Travel Bucket List

Last minute holidays to Turkey have never been more affordable with plenty of low cost flights and cheap accommodation. If you’re not convinced, take a look at these 8 compelling reasons for a Turkish adventure.Reasons to plan Last Minute Holidays to Tukey

Friendly locals
Renowned for their hospitality, the Turks are likely to be one of the friendliest people you’ve ever come across. Whether there inviting you into their home for traditional Turkish tea or providing guidance on local attractions, you’ll always feel welcome.

Outdoor fun
The diverse landscape of Turkey provides the perfect setting for some thrilling outdoor pursuits. Hike to the summit of the 5,000m Mount Ararat or visit the Köprülü Canyon National Park for white-water rafting, abseiling and mountain-biking. There’s also plenty of gentle hiking routes across the country such as the scenic Lycian Way and St Paul Trail.

Delicious cuisine
East meets west for a culinary infusion that’s a feast for the senses. Visitors can indulge in traditional meze dishes, kebabs and the local street-food favorite, Turkish Pizza. The sweet treats are equally impressive where you’ll find the world famous Turkish Delight and honey drenched Baklava.

Beautiful architecture
With Middle Eastern, Asian and European influences, Turkey has no shortage of awe-inspiring architecture. From the iconic Blue Mosque in Istanbul to the Ottomon monument, Hagia Sophia and the breathtaking Topkapi Palace, there’s endless opportunities for the perfect holiday picture.last minute holidays to turkey

Sprawling bazaars
The indoor markets of Turkey are amongst the biggest and best in the world. The Grand Bazaar in Istanbul is well worth a visit – a treasure trove of winding passage ways with over 5,000 shops. You’ll find everything in this Aladdin’s cave from hand crafted jewelry to wool pile rugs, spices and edible treats.

Indulgent hammams
Enjoy some pampering at one of the many traditional bath houses which have been a local staple for hundreds of years. After entering a hot room, you’ll receive a full body scrub and shampoo. It makes for a truly relaxing experience, leaving your skin, silky soft.

Stunning beaches
The Turkish Riviera also known as the Turquoise Coast offers some of the finest beaches in the world. Aside from the crystal clear waters and endless stretches of golden sands, visitors can explore charming villages or nearby archaeological wonders. One such example is the sunken city of Kevova which provides a fascinating insight into the ancient Lycian people.

Natural wonders
For a one-of-a-kind experience, head to one of Turkey’s popular natural wonders such as the Pamukkale Thermal Pools. These mineral baths have been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Rich in calcium salts and carbon dioxide, these are famed for their healing properties.

Offering something for everyone, a holiday in Turkey promises an unforgettable experience and it could be your new favourite destination.
Images by Dennis Jarvis used under the Creative Commons license.

So will you start planning last minute holidays to Turkey?

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