Leap Day 2016 Is Here Finally!

  Leap day 2016 is finally here! I believe everyone knows what a leap day or a leap year is but if you don’t,  you can read this Telegraph’s Leap Year article which is really informative even for people who already know, as it explains the history of leap years further. While leap days might not be a special day for some of us, it is to a lot of leaplings (people born on a leap day) and i happen to know one. You remember Nastia? Yeah, today’s her birthday and if you’re following me on Instagram you must have seen my post and what i got up to over the weekend.Spring Summer Colorful Look on leap day 2016

  I intentionally chose this photo of me from 2013, back when i still had my relaxed hair. I love how happy i was in the photo and can’t wait for the warm days. My leap day wasn’t special or anything similar, i went about my normal daily routine. But then again i’m not the very celebratory type so, even if there was something special to do today, i would have still gone about my daily routine.

   Sometimes when i tell a friend i’m going to eat in a restaurant, they ask “What’s the occasion?”. This might be because eating in restaurants can be quite expensive in some countries regardless of the menu you choose or people generally go to restaurants only when they have something to celebrate. Living in a place like Ukraine where food is affordable plus amazing restaurants, interior design and food quality, i don’t need a reason, i simply indulge whenever i can. I had one of the best beef steaks I’ve had in a while yesterday. Now i’m thinking i would have gone today so that my reason would be that today is a leap day, lol

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  What about you? do you do anything special on days like a leap day or you only celebrate seasonally like Christmas? Do you always need a reason to eat at restaurants?

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