Post Valentine – Let’s Talk Style Icons

  Style icons – I bet you have a few running through your mind right now. Truth is, the phrase “style icon” is one of the overused phrases in fashion, what does it even mean? If you look around on the internet, you will see style icon defined as – a person who is highly fashionable and/or a person who is popularly known for their sense of style. To me, a style icon is a person who is able to influence people’s style with their own personal style.

  There was a hot debate on the internet sometime in 2014  regarding New York Times critic Vanessa Friedman’s article about Beyonce not being a style icon and Rihanna being a style icon. While fans of both ladies would always fight for them on the internet, the truth is Beyonce might be a music icon but when compared with Rihanna, then Rihanna would be called a style icon because she influences people’s style a lot and causes items to sell out overnight. People are always trying out any look Rihanna does even if she goes naked. Same goes for the Kardashians.Leandra medine aka Manrepeller

   Last week’s IFB links a la mode had a lot of posts featuring valentine-related topics because yesterday was valentine’s day. Happy belated valentine’s day lovelies, hope you had a great time with loved ones or spent time loving yourself. The roundup also had interesting topics like ‘Who is your style icon?’ which brought up the style icon debate in my head and influenced this post. In the post, the blogger mentioned Leandra Medine aka Man Repeller, Tamu Mcpherson and some other top bloggers as her personal style icons. Her reason was that these ladies encourage people to focus on what they love rather than what’s in style that season and that they show people that wearing whatever piece they discover can be uniquely made into their own.

       Links à la Mode, February 11

  If you opened this post from the homepage, you would have noticed the cover image, Marc Jacobs spring /summer ad campaign (featured in one of the posts in the roundup), I like the campaign and if i had the opportunity of picking up something from Marc Jacobs right now, i would pick up this P.Y.T. shoulder bag. I love the shade of red and how it has 2 other colors on it yet looks easy on the eyes but till then, i will gladly make do with more affordable ones from Asos and co.

So, who are your style icons? What’s your take on style icons generally?

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