The Art Of Recognizing Fabrics

   The art of recognizing fabrics isn’t something i posses or particularly pay attention to. I mean,  i can recognize some fabrics but there are a whole lot of fabrics out there that i know because i see them often but have no idea what they are called. You might be wondering why i chose to talk about recognizing fabrics on the blog today. I recently read a post on how to fix a boucle snag in last week’s Ifb links a la mode (which featured my post on how to use an editorial calendar to improve your blog).

  Honestly, i had no idea what boucle (pronounced as boo-clay) was before that post as it was my first time of seeing the word (Onyinye, really? yes, i know right! i must have been living under a rock). It was the first post i read from the roundup because i wanted to know what the hell boucle was and of course we learn new things and words daily. On opening the post, i realized it was a fabric i already knew but didn’t know the correct name.Recognizing fabrics by name

 I basically shop by either sticking to same type of fabrics i already own or any fabric that looks like it doesn’t require ironing, i hate ironing. I’ve actually never really giving identifying fabrics a second thought, i don’t know how people that aren’t into cloth making or work in fashion (where they see and use different fabrics daily) recognize fabrics and can tell their names. That’s the reason the title of this post is “The art of recognizing fabrics”, lol i see it as a special skill!

    Links à la Mode, February 18

  Talking of recognizing fabrics, i believe the only thing i know about recognizing fabrics besides reading their tags or the popular obvious ones like cotton, lace, wool, suede, denim etc is how to easily spot poor quality seams. Poor me 🙁  Also i read an article earlier in the year on how to look expensive for less by simply buying certain fabrics, i should definitely start learning the art of recognizing fabrics and pay more attention.

Do you posses the art of recognizing fabrics?

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