How To Create Collage With Photoshop

How to create collage using photoshop  How to create collage with Photoshop or any other photo editing software is one of the challenges we fashion bloggers face most times. While we can add photos together in collages with already defined sizes, either side by side or one on top of the other, as fashion bloggers we would rather create collages with images just like in fashion magazines for a more professional and visually appealing look.

  If you liked my collages from this Christmas holiday looks post, this Valentine outfit ideas post and more like them, continue reading to find out how to create similar collages with Photoshop.

How To Create Collage With Photoshop

  1. Create a new file: I’m assuming you have already gotten and saved the images you intend to use on your computer. Create a new file by clicking on ‘File’ and then ‘New’, add the title you’ll like to use for the collage and the appropriate width, height and background color.How to create collage with photoshop
  2. Place embedded: Click on ‘File’ again and select ‘place embedded’, this would take you to the photo folders, select your first image.How to create fashion collages for your blog with photoshop.
  3. Re-size and place image: Images have different sizes so you would want to re-size them to fit in the collage with other images. Hold down the ‘shift key’ on your keyboard to maintain the correct image proportions while re-sizing. Place the image and move to your desired position with the move tool.Always hold down the 'shift key' on your keyboard to maintain correct image proportions. Click To TweetWays to create collage for your blog with photoshop.
  4. Rasterize layer: Most of us fashion bloggers love working with white backgrounds and a lot of retailers use white backgrounds for their product images too. If the product background isn’t white and you are working with a white background for your collage, you’ll have to delete the product’s background for a uniform look. But to do that, you have to first rasterize it’s layer. Right click on the layer and select ‘rasterize layer’.Guide on how to create collage with photoshop.
  5. Delete image background:  After you’ve rasterized the layer, your image’s background is ready for deletion. The easiest method is to use the ‘magic wand tool’. After selecting the tool, click on the part you want to delete and press backspace on your keyboard to delete. you can also delete background using the eraser tool but it might not look as smooth as the magic wand tool and might take longer time.Rasterize layer before deleting image background when creating a collage in photoshop. Click To TweetDeleting background in photoshopGuide to create collage with photoshop.
  6. Repeat the above steps till you’ve placed all the images you need. Reposition each one by clicking on the layer and move with the move tool. Add text if required and save your completed collage.Photoshop collage guide

  That’s how to create collage with Photoshop. For this guide i actually used pieces i wore on the blog in this outfit post. You can also create some pretty cool graphics or add text to your finished Photoshop collage using Canva.

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