Midi Pinafore Dress Outfit

  This pinafore dress outfit almost didn’t make it to the blog. Have you ever planned on taking outfit photos on a particular day then the weather messes up your plans and you end up taking the photos indoors without good lighting and space because that is really the only time you have? That was my dilemma. I could have worn the outfit again on a different day just to take photos and postpone the shoot but the weather throughout the week isn’t favorable either plus the new day might not be favorable for the friend taking the photos. I’ve fallen in love with my afro look that i want to style all my outfits with it!Pinafore dress outfit

  Anyways, after hours of contemplating on forgetting these outfit photos, i decided to upload the photos because someone out there might need an inspiration on styling the modern pinafore. Bear with me on the picture quality!  I like this midi pinafore dress outfit but the first time i thought about this look, this midi pinafore dress with v-neck was what i had in mind, unfortunately, it sold out on New Look before i could buy it. After about a week or so of buying this style of pinafore with front slit, i saw the v-neck style on Asos.
Pinafore midi dress outfitwork style midi pinafore dress outfit

  I’ve always had 2 pinafore outfits in mind since the pinafore trend resurfaced, this work style look and another with a beret perhaps (that high school look we all disliked), i think more casual pinafores like this patchwork denim pinafore would do. While i’m still putting together the 2nd pinafore look, i find this work-inspired look refreshing. It’s trendy yet effortlessly chic. There are a lot of colors that will suit this look, i mean its black after all. I thought of the grey i wore here or the burgundy i wore here but i decided on this color instead for a change.
Black midi Pinafore dress outfitMidi scuba Pinafore dress outfit

  If you must get only 1 dress this season, why not make it a pinafore dress! Click To TweetWhat do you think of my work style pinafore dress outfit? How would you style yours?
Pinafore dress outfit for work

A pinafore dress is your low-maintenance and super easy item to put together an outfit. Click To Tweet Wearing: New Look Top || New Look Pinafore (love this pinafore with V neck too) || Truffle Heels || Shein Hat *c/o


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