Picking the Right Skirt for Casual and Formal Events

  The right type of skirt has a place in every venue and occasion, from the most casual of streets to a very formal debut. How to pick the right type of skirt – the wearer only has to know which shape best flatters her natural figure and which types go best with the event at hand. Before you refresh your wardrobe with seasonal skirts and dresses, find out which skirt complements the social function you intend to attend.How to pick the right type of skirt for Casual and Formal Events

How to Pick the Right Type of Skirt

A-line: An A-line skirt is named as such because it follows the shape of the capital letter A: snug at the waist with the lower part widening as it reaches toward the ground. This type of skirt is considered casual or semi-dressy, so they are not usually worn on formal events. The A-line flatters most body types but because it draws attention to the hips, it may not look as well on slim women with narrow hips and small derrieres.

Bubble: A bubble skirt typically features an elastic or fitted waistline and a scrunched up hem that gives it a bulky appearance. It has a playful look and it usually ends above the knees. Due to its design which uses softer, flexible, and dressy fabrics, the bubble skirt falls in and out of fashion. These skirts best complement non-curvy bodies as they add volume to the bottom half of the ensemble.How to pick the right type of skirt - the wearer only has to know which shape best flatters her… Click To Tweet

Circular: A circular or circle skirt is named as such because its hemline forms a perfect circle when laid out flat on the ground. When worn, the skirt creates waves that drape around the legs. Short circular skirts are recommended for slim women, while the longer version is great for curvier women. The circle skirt is considered casual or semi-dressy.

Flared: The flared skirt is quite similar to the A-line skirt in shape except that its bottom sections flares out. Depending on the material, this design can fit anywhere from a casual event to a formal one. Short flared skirts help give a curvy look and are recommended for women with slim hips and those of medium height.How to pick the right type of skirt

Mini: Mini skirts are defined by the length of their hemline which end at the mid-thigh. These are usually reserved for casual or semi-dressy occasions. However, these are typically frowned upon in a formal setting.

Pencil: The form-fitting pencil skirt is cut straight and narrow, hugging the legs closely. Its shape makes it difficult to walk in, forcing the wearer to take many short steps instead of fewer, longer strides. In addition, there is very little chance for it to be blown up by gusts of wind. Because of these and the fact that the pencil skirt can be worn as a part of a suit, the skirt is typically used for formal or dressy occasions.Does the type of skirt which flatter your natural figure complement the social function? Click To Tweet

Pleated: Pleated skirts take their name after the pleats that run from the waistline down to the hemline.  The pleats make the skirt appear to open up with every movement. To keep the pleats in perfect condition, some fabrics require ironing. These skirts can be used in a casual or semi-dressy event.

Straight: Similar to pencil skirts, straight skirts are fitted at the waist and hips. However, they allow freer movement. Straight skirts will fit any occasion from casual to semi-dressy.Find out which skirt complements the social function you intend to attend. Click To Tweet

   How to pick the right type of skirt is a problem most of ladies face. How do you choose the right type of skirt for an event?

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