Why You Need To Enable Pinterest Rich Pins For Your Blog.

  You need to enable pinterest rich pins for your blog if you haven’t. If you remember from my post on 5 easy ways to improve your blog, pinterest was one my top traffic referrals. Back then, I didn’t even enable pinterest rich pins on my blog. I just pinned my photos with links back to my blog.

 I also made sure i had pinterest sharing option under every blog post for readers to easily pin images they liked from the post to their pinterest boards.

 Pinning your images from your blog automatically includes the link to that post and description, this is assuming your blog’s meta tags are set up correctly.

 On Pinterest, you’ll find “Visit” under the photo to take you to the site where the photo was pinned from. This is good, however Rich Pins are Pinterest Pins that include extra details to the pins (images) from your website.

 These details include post title, website, author and an introduction or summary of your blog post (your first few lines of text) or your SEO meta description and an option “Read It” to continue reading the blog post on your blog.

 There are 6 types of Rich Pins: app, movie, recipe, article, product and place.Rich Pins are Pinterest Pins that include extra details to the pins from your website. Click To Tweet how to enable pinterest rich pins for your blog.

Types of Pinterest Rich Pins

  1. App pins include an install button that enables Pinners to download your app without leaving Pinterest. They are currently only compatible with U.S iOS apps.
  2. Place pins lets you add a location to Pins that come from your website. The pins include a map, address, and phone number. This is good for business owners like hotel or restaurant, as people can easily find details of your place with your pinterest photo.
  3. Product pins include real time pricing, availability and where to buy to pins from your online store. This one is very important for online store owners.
  4. Recipe pins include ingredients, cooking times and serving info to photos of recipes from your site. . This one is for all food bloggers whose posts contain detailed information about each food and proper recipes.
  5. Movie pins include extra information about the movie that’s on your website, user rating, director, actors in the movie, release date and movie rating (G, PG, R, etc.). Pinners learn about a movie on your website just from your pin.
  6. Article pins include headline or title, author and post description. This is most likely the type of pin your blog needs if you blog about fashion and beauty like I do. This type of pin helps Pinners to find and save your posts to their related Pinterest boards.
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enable pinterest rich pins for your blog.

How To Enable Pinterest Rich Pins For Your Blog

  1. To enable pinterest rich pins for your blog, first of all you’ll need to ensure that your website has metadata with meta tags. The most common formats are Open Graph and (most sites have these especially if you have social media sharing options and/or Yoast SEO enabled). If you add metadata for multiple types of Rich Pins to your page, the type of Pin that appears when pinned will be based on priority. The priority is as follows App Pins, Product Pins, Recipe Pins, Movie Pins, Article Pins and Place Pins. If you are not sure of the meta tags present on your blog or if your blog posts are properly structured, check your data markup here.
  2. Validate your pins: Choose any page on your site that has metadata, enter the url here and activate.
  3. Apply for Rich Pins on same page after you’ve successfully validated your pins. You only need to apply with one page from your site. Once your application is approved, Pinterest will enable Rich Pins for your entire site within 24 hours. All pins from your website on pinterest will become rich pins. When applying for Rich Pins, remember to mark up your website according to the most applicable pin type from the pin types mentioned above.

  If you no longer want to enable pinterest rich pins for your blog (I really don’t see why you would do that) just add this tag to the Html head section of your pages: <meta name=”pinterest-rich-pin” content=”false” />

For more about pinterest rich pins, meta tags required and codes, read this.

Benefits and Reasons You Need To Enable Pinterest Rich Pins

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  1. Automatic updates: Whenever you change something on your website, the information will be automatically updated on the pin too. This is done with no manual changes needed.
  2. Automatic CTA: As a bonus, Pinterest will add an automatic Call To Action for your pin, such as ‘Read It which can boost your traffic. Traffic also depends on your post description. Always make sure your opening line or post description is catchy and can make the reader want to continue reading. More than 70% of people on Pinterest use it to get inspiration, make it worth their while.
  3. Free price alerts: this feature is one of the best Pinterest adds-on for Ecommerce. If you decrease the price of your products by more than 10%, Pinterest will send an automated email about the price drop to the people who pinned your product for free.
  4. Higher Visibility: In a user’s home feed, rich pins will include post titles/headlines in bold font and all the other details already mentioned. Probably an extra information on a photo will more likely draw a user’s attention a photo.

  P.S. you should make sure you have Pinterest for Business account by verifying your account. Fill in all other details to benefit from all of pinterest’s features.

 Are you using pinterest to promote your content? When did you enable Pinterest rich pins? Has pinterest helped your traffic? Feel free to share and discuss in the comments.

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