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 I bought this embroidered neck blouse from a random store few months ago during an outing with a friend. I had no idea the design in front had a meaning because the back has “crazy beats” printed on it with same color as the sign which has absolutely no relations to a religion. I was surprised when i met with friends for an outing and the Maldivian told me it meant something. I’ve forgotten what she said though but my point is: In fashion, we seem to go for what looks good or trendy without always knowing what certain designs mean in different cultures and religions.Embroidered neck blouse

  It was a sunny windy day, we were going to spend part of it at the park and part of it at the cinema. I wanted something comfortable as always, free enough for me to enjoy the fresh air at the park and warm enough for me not to be cold inside the air-conditioned cinema. Remembering this post on bohemian summer essentials, this embroidered neck blouse was my first choice. While it’s not exactly like the popular bohemian styles currently trending, it had the look i was going for. It fit perfectly with my flare jeans and my curly hair extension and gave me just the look i wanted.Embroidered neck blouse look

I would normally skip a long sleeved top during the hot summer days but this material is quite cool and even transparent that it took me a while combing through my clothes to find something suitable to wear underneath. Thanks to the white color you won’t be able to see the transparent sleeves against my skin in these photos.Embroidered neck blouse look on flare jeansPairing a red bag wearing a casual outfit

 Back in the day, i actually used to see most blouses like this and other non body fitting blouses as clothes for mothers and older people. I was skinnier then ofcourse and blouses like these were a no-no to me. Thanks to the constantly evolving fashion trends and style revamps, I can confidently rock this embroidered neck blouse now with jeans for a casual look without looking older than I am or malnourished. There’s this sentence in my native dialect “Onye no na-ime efe?” meaning “who is inside the cloth?” used to tease skinny people wearing clothes bigger than them back then , i don’t know if people still do that presently.White Embroidered neck blouse outfit

I find embroidered neck blouses useful for a lot of looks not just casual like i did with the flare jeans. Have you rocked an embroidered piece lately?

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