Necessary Home Improvement Ideas

   After the engagement on my white interior design inspiration post, I realized some of my readers own their homes.  If you’re planning to renovate your home with the goal to increase its resale value, then you’ve got a lot of planning and execution ahead of you. After accomplishing all of your home improvement projects, you can easily put your property on the market for people looking for homes for sale. You’ll be rest assured knowing that your hard work will be rewarded by a higher resale value. Home improvement really does multiply a property’s value and here’s what to do to achieve that.home improvement ideas

Necessary Home Improvement Ideas That Will Increase Your Home’s Value

  1. Remodel the kitchen. Most of us consider the kitchen as the heart of the home and thus, buyers look for one that has the combination of homey, modern, and efficiency. HGTV’s report stated that as much as 120 percent of your investment should be in kitchen remodelling, you shouldn’t make your kitchen too fancy as to undermine other part of the house.
  2. Let the paint talk. Who knew a little wall paint can effectively boost a home’s value? Get the best bang for your buck on remodelling your home by choosing fresh paint in contemporary colours. Consider low-VOC paints since they are eco-friendlier, and helps owners avoid breathing dangerous chemicals, that off-gas we know from regular fresh paint.
  3. Add a bathroom. Homes with only one bathroom tend to score low in home resale, so invest a large chunk of your investment by adding another. HGTV estimates up to 130 percent recoup of whatever you spent adding a bathroom. Simply look for extra room in your house for the extra bathroom. Walk-in closets and areas under the stairs are prime locations.Home improvement
  4. Reinvent a room. You can’t simply add a new room since it’s an incredibly expensive project. You can reinvent room spaces to save on money! Put finishing on a basement, convert the attic to a bedroom or transform the shed into a workhouse, etc. Moreover, you can add small apartments in, or over your garages, which you can then rent out as a room.
  5. Put energy-efficient windows. More and more buyers shop with energy efficiency in mind. Therefore, old, drafty single-pane windows are considered a major turn off. HGTV claims that you can recoup up to 90 percent of your costs if you invest in energy-efficient windows.
  6. Add a deck. Adding a deck will boost your home’s value. Outdoor living spaces are now a norm and is considered desirable, especially since most of us tend to stay home for vacation. If you make the backyard and deck more appealing, your house will look more appealing to prospective buyers when you decide to sell. As much as 90 percent can be recouped by investing in deck addition.

Summary. You can save a lot of home improvement costs by doing the renovation yourself. However, keep in mind that not everything in the list above can be DIY’ed. Some of these may require a professional’s help. And it can be cheaper that way in the long run.You can save a lot of home improvement costs by doing the renovation yourself. Click To Tweet

 Well, that’s it. Once home improvement is accomplished, and you’re ready to sell, then it will be advantageous for you to list your home online since the number of people looking for homes for sale increases through credible property listing providers. Best of luck!

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