5 Hotels With Best Infinity Pools

  I always drool when i see photos of some of the best infinity pools in the world. While i haven’t been to any of the hotels with best infinity pools, I’ve been to natural thermal pools resembling infinity pools. It’s still one of the best experiences of my life. I have a penchant for adventure traveling but sadly i don’t get to travel as often as i would like.

  If you’re wondering what an infinity pool is – it is a swimming pool built and positioned to give an illusion of merging with it’s surrounding landscape which is often a body of water. Below are 5 hotels with best infinity pool designs in no particular order that if you were to pay me right now to explore, i would start with them because they are worth your money!

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5 Hotels With Best Infinity Pools

  1.  St Regis Princeville Resort: St. Regis hotels and resorts can be found across the globe in London, New York, Singapore, Bali with each offering a unique expression of its location. When it comes to infinity pools, their Princeville resort located on the exclusive North Shore of Kaua’i, Hawaii is a luxurious haven, overlooking Hanalei Bay.the st. regis princeville resort Hotels With Best Infinity Pools
  2.  Forget about swimming with dolphins, how about swimming with elephants, giraffes, zebras and other members of Africa’s animal kingdom in one of the world’s best-known wildlife sanctuary and a UNESCO World Heritage Site?. Four Seasons Safari Lodge Serengeti, Tanzania is definitely one of the hotels with best infinity pools in Africa and the world. This and more are reasons this East African country also made it to my 5 countries to visit in Africa list. Four Seasons Safari Lodge Serengeti Tanzania hotels with best infinity pools
  3.  If looking at nature – mountains, trees and animals aren’t your thing and you’d rather enjoy your day laying by the pool, then the Fullerton Hotel Singapore’s stunning 25-metre outdoor infinity pool would suit you nicely. Being one of the most picturesque infinity pools in Singapore, it is set against a backdrop of majestic Doric columns and overlooks the charming Singapore River. Have a drink while lying on the daybed and watch as the sun sets into the horizon at the Fullerton Hotel SingaporeFullerton hotel infinity pool
  4.   Zemi beach house resort & spa isn’t just one of the hotels with best infinity pools but a natural beauty where style and seclusion create a balance in Anguilla’s east end. From golf, kite surfing to deep sea fishing, there are dozens of island adventures and experiences for you to enjoy.Zemi Beach infinity pool
  5.  When an architect owns a resort, that’s a great sign as to what is expected. Nick Troubetzkoy’s bold architectural designs – individual bridges lead to exceptional infinity pool sanctuaries to ensure you experience one of the most mesmerizing Caribbean resort experiences. Jade mountain St.Lucia would make an ideal destination for weddings as well.jade mountain st lucia infinity pool

  There are lots of beautiful hotels with best infinity pools out there that i can’t possibly fit into this list, let me know any infinity pool you think should be in this list but isn’t in the comments. Share with us some of the infinity pools you’ve used before.

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*Photo Sources: Hotel Websites | CN Traveler

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