Getting Red Carpet-Worthy With Elegant Dresses

  Whether you’re wrapped up in the awards or just a fan of the glitz and glam of the red carpet, pinning down a stunning gown is well within reach. You can create your own red carpet environment around you just by having red carpet worthy dresses fit for an A-lister.

It’s not just about looking the part but it’s about feeling the part too. With the right dress, you can express your personality with style; and what better way to do it than red carpet style?

  As fashion goes in and out so quickly, it’s good to keep up to date with what’s in trend this season. This article is a must read if you want to get that red carpet feel with the right gown. The celebs may have started it first but you can finish it!

Red carpet worthy dresses

  If you’re stuck as to where to begin your search, Peaches Boutique, a Chicago based dress store offering international shipping is a good start. There, you will find a beautiful selection of some of the dress styles mentioned in this post. You can discover something truly exquisite so keep your eyes peeled for the red carpet winner.

  With their range of designer labels at affordable prices you can recreate the look and feel of the red carpet. For now, let’s check out some styles that are popular choices for celebrities whether they’re on the carpet or at the Oscars.

Red Carpet Worthy Dresses and Gowns

  1.  Art Deco Style Gowns: These are particularly glamorous and usually feature jewel encrusted designs with fancy embellishments. It’s an elegant option and often reminds you of vintage Hollywood style fashion with sheer necklines.
  2.  The Illusion Design: Illusion dresses are definitely a top choice at red carpet events and give that ultimate feel of elegance. Some on-trend designs for 2016 are off-shoulder sheer drapes with a sweetheart outline.
  3.  Glam Sequined Gowns: Silver sequins never fail to give off that stylish glamour and effortless elegance. Choose a gown with sequins and a fitted silhouette and you can never go wrong. If you choose the right embellishment and sequined pattern, you can create that Art-Deco feel from the famous years of decadence. Remember my Met Gala red carpet post?
  4.  Drop-Waist Gown: Recently spotted on the red-carpet was Jennifer Lawrence, absolutely rocking a drop-waist silhouette gown. This drop-waist trend is definitely in right now and will complement your shape with a fitted top half and flared bottom.
  5.  Peplum Chic: This gown is a head-turner for sure and will get you feeling red-carpet worthy as soon as you put it on. Its chic structure and peplum design features a sharper shape with more structure. Several A-listers from Jolie to Emma stone have been spotted wearing the chic structure dress so if they can pull it off, why can’t you?!

  Now you know some of the hottest styles and red carpet worthy dresses currently worn at A-list events, you can re-create the red carpet feel. Keep these styles in mind next time you browse online or in-store and remember the one thing that unites them all. They are all utterly glamorous and feature stand-out shapes that complement and enhance your look.

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Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post.

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