Shop Modavracha Reopened – Clearance Sale

   Hello Lovelies, Its my birthday month and I’m super excited! I’m also excited about the reopening of my blog’s shop. If  you remember, i once published a post about Shop modavracha, a shop for my blog to sell some of my blog outfits. Now Shop Modavracha is open again and even bigger.

Shop Modavracha

  This version of the shop has several items from a previous physical store in Abuja that was just recently closed down to concentrate on other things, so I decided to sell them off here instead of leaving them packed up at home. Even though my base is Abuja, I deliver nationwide (All Nigerian States)Shop modavracha clearance sale

 Feel free to shop from my store and don’t hesitate to contact me if you need help placing your orders. I will really appreciate your support.  Tell a friend to tell a friend about this  sale!

 Thank you!

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