Ankara Flare Trousers Outfit

  I’ve been waiting to wear this pair of ankara flare trousers since i tried them on. After receiving them from the seamstress who also made this long ankara jacket, i thought of the one to wear first and eventually wore that jacket first. Looking at the length of that one and the length of the jacket in this ankara flare trousers outfit, i’m beginning to see that one as midi not long.

 I wore this ankara flare trousers outfit to church yesterday and had plans to restyle the flare trousers for the Tracenaija afrobeat show that took place in Wuse, Abuja yesterday too. Last minute my partner cancelled on me and i had to cancel too, it’s no fun going to a show or event alone. The flare trousers aren’t just one of the latest ankara styles but also one of the hottest trends now.

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Nigerian fashion blogger Abuja basedModavracha

 The jacket is definitely one the latest Ankara jacket styles as I’ve seen a couple of great designs. I wanted a little bit of ‘this and that’ so i paired the floor length ankara jacket and the ankara flare trousers in one outfit. The front looks slightly different from the initial design i sent to the seamstress but i guess this isn’t bad either.Latest Ankara long jacket style

 You can do a lot with Ankara materials as you can already see with latest ankara styles. 2 great places to see variety are Instagram and pinterest or you can totally draw inspiration from designs around you even non ankara wears. Latest Ankara jacket styles Nigerian fashion blogger Abuja fashion bloggerLatest Ankara flare trousers stylesLatest Ankara styles in vogue Nigeria Ankara styles to wear in Nigeria now, Ankara flare trousers outfit Actually, the inspiration behind these slit style ankara flare trousers was a street style photo from one of the fashion weeks.Slit ankara flare trousers style

 Ankara prints and styles are always so colorful and cute. I got a lot of compliments while wearing this Ankara flare trousers. Both while wearing the first style with the long Ankara blazer and the casual style. How to wear Ankara flare trousers

As i already canceled my plans of attending the afrobeat show, i relaxed at home after church but coincidentally Cassie and a couple of bloggers who were in Abuja over the weekend for an event were still around and not far from me. I used the opportunity to go meet them in the evening.

 I switched my initial look with the long jacket and blouse to something more casual. Even though, she was the one i was going to meet, I met Akin Faminu as well. Nigerian fashion bloggers Akin faminu and modavrachaNigerian Fashion Bloggers Cassie Daves And Modavracha

 It was great meeting them, looking forward to meeting more bloggers. Have you rocked a pair of Ankara flare trousers recently? Or any latest Ankara style, share in the comments!

Wearing: Tie neck blouse c/o Sammydress | Ankara outfit made by a seamstress in Lagos (check my Instagram – @modavracha)

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