4 Years Blog Anniversary x Cassie Daves Blog Planner Giveaway

  Happy New year lovelies and congratulations to us for making it to 4 years! It’s my 2017 blog anniversary and I can’t wait to celebrate more years ahead.  Thank you for sticking around these past 4 years.

  My 4 years of blogging hasn’t only been an eye opener about so many opportunities out there but also a learning period for me. It has given me the opportunity to meet some amazing bloggers, blog followers, readers and brands.

  Usually, we bloggers talk about our blogging achievements from the day we began blogging, mistakes we made initially, still make and things we wish we knew or learnt before and during the early days of blogging.

  I believe I’ve mentioned all of those in previous posts and blog anniversary posts including ways I tried to do better. For this 2017 blog anniversary, I’ll be reminding bloggers about ways to improve their blogs this year via posts I already have on the blog.

Modavracha 2017 Blog Anniversary Dos

  1.  Go self-hosted: if you’re serious about making your blog worth more than just a writing space, self-host your blog. Don’t worry about how to move your blog to another blogging platform after so many posts and hosting options. I got you covered.
  2.  Optimize your blog’s backend and structure not only the frontend: It’s easier to go for fancy looking blog themes and templates especially if you blog about fashion and beauty. Your frontend is what your readers see but your blog structure is what search engines see. Confused? Read all about blog optimization, SEO, etc.
  3.  Schedule your posts ahead of time and stick to a blogging schedule: Do same for your social media shares. Here’s how to use an editorial calendar to optimize your blog.  This is the blog planner that can help you do all of the things mentioned in that post easily. You can win one for yourself by entering on my Instagram page (more details in the Instagram post). Unfortunately, this giveaway is for only Nigerian residents.Cassie Daves Blog planner
  4.  Focus on quality of followers before quantity: Target email subscribers that you can rely on even when you move between blogging platforms and social media. Here is the optin plugin and email manager I use. You can sign up for my email post updates and alerts if you haven’t.
  5.  Interact with other bloggers: As much you can, link up with other blogs, this will help other bloggers and new readers to find you. Meet up with other bloggers when ever you can. Remember when i met Viktoriya, when i met Cassie and when i met Nastia, you can always learn a thing or two from fellow bloggers offline.

  As for you reading this right now who isn’t a blogger or planning to be one in future. All I can tell you is that there’s no time to waste, this year is the year for you to go out there and try to develop your interests to find out exactly what you’re most passionate about.

  If you’re Nigerian, this past year alone is enough to make you develop your neglected skills into money-making ventures. We can’t all be entrepreneurs but if you’re not satisfied with your salary-earning job and you have a skill fetching other people money, what are you doing?

Always remember that no investment is too small. Click To Tweet

  This is that year to listen to yourself and not people that have lived their life years back and now retired trying to discourage you from leaving your comfort zone or making any extra effort to better your life.

 This is the year to go for exactly what you want without settling for available options for fear of failure. One of our greatest fears when starting out businesses and any thing requiring capital is the initial funding. I, myself also have that fear but I know I can’t get the funding by sitting around, lamenting about it whilst not doing anything.

 I mentioned this to a close friend recently, I haven’t been socializing or networking these past few months like I should. This is one good way to source funds too. Talking to the right people about your plans or tendering properly documented business plans and benefits to prospective investors. These prospective investors are people you meet at social events, business events, etc. Always remember that no investment is too small.

  Finally, I just want to use this 2017 blog anniversary to wish you a great year ahead,  hope this year turns out great for all of us. I can’t wait to see you around the blog.

 Thanks for stopping by as always!

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