5 Amazing Free Blogging Tools That Will Change Your Blog For Good

 If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’ll know about my occasional blogging tips. These 5 amazing free blogging tools are just a few of all the tips I have for you. I like to help other bloggers as much as I can. This is because I’m better at blogging today as a result of reading other bloggers’ tips.

 I moved my blog from blogger to WordPress all by myself thanks to step by step tutorials. I figured out one of the best ways to use Pinterest for your blog. All of these were from reading other bloggers’ tips.

 In this post, I’ll be telling you about 5 amazing free blogging tools that will help your blog and save you time. Unlike my list of must-have plugins for WordPress, these free blogging tools can be used irrespective of your blogging platform. Using These 5 Amazing Free Blogging Tools Will Change Your Blog For Good In the long run

 I compiled this list based on my own user experience though they are only a fraction of amazing free blogging tools out there. You’ll be surprised at the amount of information you’ll find if you go searching.

 Before choosing any blogging tool, you need to ask your self certain questions. This is to make sure you’re getting the right blogging tool. Choosing the wrong blogging tool will only waste more of your time.

Questions you need to ask yourself before using any of the 5 amazing free blogging tools mentioned in this post

  1.  Why do i need a blogging tool?
  2.  What do I want to achieve with the blogging tool?
  3.  Will this free blogging tool solve my specific blogging problem or will I need another premium tool later?
  4.  What are my blogging needs and what type of blogging tool do I need for each?
  5.  How often will I depend on this blogging tool to make blogging easier?

 If you had specific answers to all these questions, congratulations! You’re 5 steps closer to improving your blog. You truly deserve to know about these 5 amazing free blogging tools.

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5 Amazing Free Blogging Tools To Make Your Blogging Journey Easier

  1.  Google Analytics: Honestly, this should be the first tool you install before publishing your first post. It lets you measure your blog’s pageviews, visitor locations and more details about visitors to your blog. It also lets you see search terms that lead people to your blog from search engines.
  2.  Portent’s Content Idea Generator: This one could be a little tricky but with several refreshes you should get a great post title. All you need is to type in a few words from your intended title and it will give you catchy title suggestions.
  3.  PicJumbo: Free stock photography website. Visuals have a way of lighting up a post and making it easier to read. Some photos attract more click-throughs especially on platforms like Pinterest. If you have run out of great photos to use, you can try quality free stock photos. these 5 amazing free blogging tools for every blogger will help your blog.
  4.  Canva: Bloggers often need great photos within blog posts but lack the know-how to create great graphics. This free graphic designing software lets you create high quality infographics, Pinterest graphics, business cards and lots more with pre-made templates. You can use it on mobile (iPhone only) as at the time of this post though with limited capabilities compared to desktop.
  5.  Buffer: Free social media share and scheduling app that will save you the time needed to post on social media accounts several times a day. What’s the point of posting great content if no one is going to see it to read?

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 What other amazing free blogging tools have made your blogging journey easier? Share with us in the comments!

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