My Current 2017 Korean Skincare Routine For Combination Skin

 I’ve talked about Korean skincare products a lot on this blog that it’s no longer news to you how much I enjoy using them. This post is about my current Korean skincare routine for combination skin as that’s what I have.

 I used to think I had oily skin on my face, I even bought Korean products for oily skin. Subsequently, I’ve realized that not all parts of my face get oily, some parts remain dry/normal while other parts can get really oily. Maybe my skin type changed from oily to combination.

 I believe sticking with Korean products for combination skin is probably the best thing for my skin right now. I’ve noticed that products made specifically for either oily or dry skin haven’t been of much help really. They seemed to work initially but my skin always returned to its initial condition.

 Even though I still suffer from post-acne hyperpigmentation from time to time; my current Korean skincare routine for combination skin has helped improve my skin and reduce not only the frequency of pimples on my face but the duration of the hyperpigmentation that follow.

 Products in my current facial care routine have been working well for me. Though they’re not entirely new to you especially if you’ve been reading my beauty posts. Below are the Korean skincare products that are currently in my routine and have been performing well.

My Korean Skincare Routine For Combination Skin

  1.  Innisfree Blueberry Rebalancing 5.5 Cleanser: I read about it for the first time in the guest Saturday post on ways to get the most out of your Korean sheet masks. Sometimes I alternate with the Cosrx Low ph Goodmorning cleanser. They’re both great foam ph rebalancing cleansers. I even see myself using the Goodmorning cleanser longer than the Innisfree. This is because of its natural BHA content and tea tree oil which are great for trouble skin and hyperpigmentation.Innisfree blueberry rebalancing cleanser
  2.  Skinfood Black Sugar Scrub: This has been my favorite exfoliator from the first time I tried it few years ago and reviewed it till now. I even mentioned skipping it for a while in my review of the Elizavecca bubble clay mask. It’s the one facial exfoliator I always go back to regardless of other products I try.
  3.  Cosrx Advanced Snail 92 All in One Cream: This is probably the best Korean moisturizer for oily skin that I’ve used. It’s equally great for my combination skin which has made it my main face cream for almost a year now.
  4.  OST Vitamin C20 serum: I can’t even begin to tell you again how amazing this product is. my review and in-depth explanation of the uses of vitamin C on skin said it all. Though the Mizon 8% Aha serum seem to deliver result in shorter amount of time, this remains a must-have facial serum.OST original pure vitamin C20 serum review
  5.  Innisfree It’s real squeeze masks: Sheet masks might seem unnecessary but you need to try one to be convinced and feel the difference. I don’t use sheet masks as often as I would like to but I always feel great whenever I do. My favorite ones to use in the “It’s Real” line are pomegranate and Rice. I alternate with Jeju tangerine from Skinfood’s “beauty in a food mask” line sometimes.
  6.  Cosrx Ultimate Nourishing Rice Overnight Spa Mask: This is the only product in my current Korean skincare routine for combination skin that I’m not consistent with. That is, besides the occasional sheet masks. The only reason for this is that most times I sleep off while waiting for the 30 minutes after applying my vitamin C face serum to elapse.

If you noticed, I skipped toner even after reviewing a Korean clarifying toner recently. This is because in this my current routine for combination skin, I’m using my Garnier Micellar water as toner. Thankfully I found where to buy it in Abuja even though they only stock the small size.Garnier micellar cleansing water

I also skipped oil cleanser because I’m currently in between oils, lol. I haven’t been consistent with any particular oil cleanser for a while. On some days, I use some cleansing balm testers I have. I’ll always recommend the Face shop rice water cleansing oil regardless.

 So, there you have it! my current Korean skincare routine for combination skin. These will remain my best Korean products for combination skin even if I try some other products for review purposes. I’ll update you on my new routine whenever it changes significantly.

 Korean skincare products have become so popular in the past few years. My analytics show that the first 100 search queries on google that led people to my blog were related to Korean skincare products and Korean skincare routines.

 Remember you don’t actually need Korean skincare products to use Korean skincare routines. You can always use your favorite skincare products while following the steps in Korean skincare routines.

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 Have you used any Korean skincare product or tried any Korean skincare routine for combination skin before? What’s your skincare routine? Please, do share with us!

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