5 Amazing Travel Fashion Bloggers You Should Know

Though there are travel blogs, there are travel fashion bloggers who document their travels. These travel fashion bloggers will make you want to travel more even if you hate traveling. Well, except you completely hate the world and the good life!

I was scheduling old blog posts to promote on my Twitter the other day and came across my travel blog posts. I felt a bit sad that I still haven’t traveled to most of the countries in my wanderlist. When I feel this way, I usually read travel blog posts just to make myself happy.Awesome travel fashion bloggers that have been all over the world.

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I’ve put together a list of 5 travel fashion bloggers whose travel photos will make you reconsider your travel plans. These bloggers don’t just take travel photos, they take exceptional travel photos!

5 Female Travel Fashion Bloggers Whose Travel Photos Will Make You Reconsider Your Travel Plans

  1.  Simply CynTravel fashion blogger - Simply CynOh, where do I start from?. I’ve mentioned her several times on this blog just for her beautiful natural hair alone. Cynthia’s travel photos are always so colorful and bright that you’ll wonder if God made the sun and colors just for her. Travel fashion bloggers - SimplyCynShe always finds the best walls and backdrops for her photos. Even with all the colors, Cynthia still manages to pop in her travel outfits. She slays effortlessly and knows the right outfits to suit each travel destination.
  2.  Tuula VintageTravel fashion bloggers to follow - Tuulavintage Since I found Jessica Stein’s blog, I’ve been going back just to see which country she visits next. There is a long list of countries and cities under her travel category and some that aren’t even listed. I found out about Pamukkale on her blog. Jessica Steinbof Tuulavintage is one of travel fashion bloggers to followJessica hasn’t been posting on her blog for a while because she’s currently dealing with a complicated pregnancy. Even without new travel posts, her old travel fashion posts will keep you glued to her blog.
  3.  Asiyami GoldFirst time I saw a photo of Asiyami on Instagram, I was intrigued. I wanted to know who the melanin goddess is. Her skin tone, hair, the quality and background of the photo were the initial attraction. That was till I checked out her Instagram page. Boy, was I blown away! Travel fashion blogger - Asiyami GoldEverything about her photos are detailed. The hair, outfits, accessories, photo props, location, quality and so on! I also like the real life and personal stories attached to her photos and destinations.
  4.  Drea ChongTravel Fashion blogger - Andrea Chong  Here’s a funny story on how I came across Andrea’s blog. I was searching for 2 different things on Google using 2 different tabs. One was bloggers reviews of Airbnb and the other was bloggers experience with laser eye surgeries. Travel fashion bloggers - Drea Chong I found Drea’s blog via those 2 searches and opened both. It took me some minutes to realize it was same blog. Absent-mindedness or something. After reading about the 2 things that led me there, her versatile travel photos eventually stole my heart!
  5.  Let’s Go Yesterday Travel blogger Modupe of let's go yesterday blog I haven’t known Modupe or her blog as long as the other bloggers in this list. I found her on TravelNoire and instantly knew I would enjoy going through her travel photos. Travel fashion bloggers - let's go yesterday by ModupeAfter going through Modupe’s travel posts, I found another fun traveler to follow. Oh, she rocks her natural hair too! Go naturalistas! While she might not be fully into fashion blogging, her travel fashion sure rocks.

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This list of 5 female travel fashion bloggers isn’t even close enough to the list of amazing travel bloggers out there. However, like I mentioned earlier, these are style bloggers whose travel photos pop!

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Are some of your favorites on this list? Which blogger should be on this list. Let me know in the comments.

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