Cosrx Low ph Goodmorning Gel Cleanser Review

First of all, I really don’t know how I waited this long to share this Cosrx low ph Goodmorning gel cleanser review with you. I mentioned it in my 2017 Korean skincare routine post as the cleanser I alternate with the Innisfree blueberry rebalancing 5.5 cleanser.

Honestly, I prefer this Cosrx low ph Goodmorning gel cleanser to the Innisfree blueberry rebalancing 5.5 cleanser. This is because I like the ingredients better and also partly because Cosrx products have been working great on my skin. The brand would be my number 1 recommendation for anyone starting the Korean skincare journey newly.

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Ph in skincare products is often overlooked. I should probably start doing my product reviews with ph strips. It helps to know the pH of a product going on your skin. Appropriate pH is necessary as pH can make or break your skin for real! cosrx low ph Goodmorning gel cleanser review

The skin’s natural pH is between 4.5 and 5.5. This means very high or very low pH can mess with your skin’s protective layer (acid mantle). If this layer is damaged, your skin will be more prone to irritation, breakouts and other skin conditions.

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Furthermore, pH can increase when product comes in contact with water. Therefore, the type of water you use can also make a significant difference which makes using a ph of 4.5 – 5.5 in skincare appropriate. People who have actually tested this Cosrx low ph Goodmorning gel cleanser with pH indicator strips confirm it’s pH is 5.5. However, it could go to 6 or 7 when in contact with tap water.

Features of Cosrx Low pH Goodmorning Gel Cleanser

  1.  Formulated with botanical skin-purifying ingredients.
  2.  Mildly acidic cleanser that works softly to make skin supple and clear.
  3.  For sensitive skin.
  4.  Morning time cleanser.

How To Use Cosrx Low pH Goodmorning Gel Cleanser According To Cosrx

  • Morning Time: Gently massage on wet skin, rinse with warm water.
  • Day/Night Time: Use after first wash with your normal cleanser. Work up a lather and gently massage on wet skin. Rinse thoroughly with warm water.

I don’t know why Cosrx called this product a morning cleanser, perhaps because of its mild nature. I use it morning and night without any other cleanser. On days that I have makeup on, I remove any extras and eye makeup with my Garnier micellar water.

Review of Cosrx Low pH Goodmorning Gel Cleanser

  • Packaging
  • Ingredients
  • Effect
  • Price
  • Availability


A holy grail gel wash-off face cleanser!

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  1.  Packaging: It comes in a simple plastic 150ml tube just as it is in the photos, nothing else. The cleanser is a clear slightly thick gel with a strong tea tree smell which fades after wash. I like that it’s a natural antiseptic smell not artificial fragrance. *This smell might be overwhelming for some people.Nigerian blogger's cosrx low ph Goodmorning gel cleanser review
  2.  Ingredients: my skin has always loved tea tree oil and that was one of the ingredients that attracted me to this Cosrx low pH Goodmorning gel cleanser. I also wanted to have a BHA product in my routine without going for a full BHA product like the Cosrx BHA blackhead power liquid.Full list of ingredients: Water, cocamidopropyl betaine, sodium lauroyl methyl isethionate, polysorbate 20, styrax japonicus branch/fruit/leaf extract, butylene glycol, saccharomyces ferment, cryptomeria japonica leaf extract, nelumbo nucifera leaf extract, pinus palustris leaf extract, ulmus davidiana root extract, oenothera biennis (evening primrose) flower extract, pueraria lobata root extract, melaleuca alternifolia (tea tree) leaf oil, allantoin, caprylyl glycol, ethylhexylglycerin, betaine salicylate, citric acid, ethyl hexanediol, 1,2-hexanediol, trisodium ethylenediamine disuccinate, sodium benzoate, disodium EDTA.Cosdna analysis of ingredients shows 1 out of 5 chances of causing acne. It’s also worth noting the absence of one of the commonest sulfates in skincare – Lauryl sulfate from the ingredient list.
  3.  Effect: this is the controversial part of this Cosrx low ph Goodmorning gel cleanser review. The very first time I tested it, I borrowed a family member’s tube (yes, I converted her to Korean skincare and she saw the light, lol). I was using only the Innisfree blueberry cleanser then. It was a bit drying on my face which came as a surprise to me because my skin has always loved tea tree oil. cosrx low ph Goodmorning gel cleanser or Innisfree blueberry rebalancing ph cleanser
    People complain of dryness when they use tea tree oil but not me. This drying effect has been the con for most people that used this gel cleanser and gave a negative review. A lot of other people don’t have this drying effect, which makes a review on the effect of the Cosrx low pH Goodmorning gel cleanser inconclusive.
    This $8 low ph gel cleanser will change your #skincare game for good! #bbloggers #kbeauty Click To TweetFast-forward to getting my own tube, I wasn’t feeling the drying effect anymore. I’ve thought of different reasons that could have caused the initial dryness. 1. I tried it during harmattan season (dry and cold ‘in the night’ season). 2. My snail cream wasn’t moisturizing enough then. 3. I was going straight into an air-conditioned room after washing my face, a/c dries up skin. Those could have contributed but then again I still use same routine and it’s not drying anymore.Although there’s a smooth mattifying feeling you’ll get after using this low pH gel cleanser, I wouldn’t call it drying. I love the smoothness. It’s a mild cleanser but you should still avoid getting it in your eyes, it will sting.
  4.  Price: this amazing low pH gel cleanser costs between $8 and $11 in most stores. For 150ml of awesomeness, it’s worth every penny and more. I like when products are cheap and still deliver top notch results. Also, a little goes a long way so, a tube can last you for a long time.
  5.  Availability: it’s available in most stores that stock Korean skincare products. I like when products are available on different stores and Cosrx is really improving on their availability worldwide.

Using a low pH cleanser has changed the skincare game for me totally. I haven’t been breaking out and that’s a good sign. Now I know why this Innisfree bija anti-trouble foam cleanser didn’t work for me despite being for trouble skin. Detailed cosrx low ph Goodmorning gel cleanser review

We keep learning everyday, have you used this gel cleanser before or any low pH skincare product? Share your experience with us!

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