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Lesley of Fresh Lengths Blog aka Lesley With The Good Hair

I’ve been following Lesley of Fresh lengths blog for over a year. I think I found her via bloglovin and was immediately attracted to her hair. Since I started my natural hair journey, I’ve been interested in more curly hair bloggers as compared to before. I wanted to know more about Fresh Lengths hair journey.

Another thing that drew my attention to Lesley’s blog was her neat photos. Subsequently, I asked her via Instagram about the photos after we discussed hyperpigmentation and stuffs. Find out more about Lesley of Fresh Lengths blog below.Interview with Lesley of fresh Lengths blog

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Meet Lesley of Fresh Lengths Blog

1. Could you start by telling us a bit about yourself and any secret talent of yours that no one knows about.

I’m Lesley and I mostly blog about hair, beauty and style. I don’t think I have any secret talents unfortunately. If I do, they’re so secret even I don’t know about them! Lesley of fresh lengths blog hair

2. Why did you get into blogging? What are some of the things you know now you wish you knew when you first started?

For me, it was an outlet as I enjoy being creative through writing and designing things. Blogging seemed to marry those interests. I’ve actually written a post already on things I wish I knew. I was definitely quite clueless when I started.

I think the most important thing is to be fully prepared to commit time and energy to something that you may not see tangible benefits from straight away.

It takes a long time to build an audience and to start connecting with brands. A lot more work goes into it than most people realise so, you have to be really passionate about wanting to be a blogger.

3. How would you describe your style? Do you plan your daily outfits ahead of time or do you go for the first outfit you come across in your closet?

At the moment, I’m often dressed quite casually. I used to love dressing up but I’ve never really had a job that requires me to be smart. Now, I spend most days working from home and mostly in a tee and mom jeans. As a result, I don’t tend to need to plan my outfits. If I’m meeting people or going out, I’ll put in more thought.Blogger fresh Lenghts

4. You have a lot of beauty posts and product reviews. Which beauty products are your must-haves for every lady?

I try to steer away from saying anyone must have something as everyone is so different that what I absolutely adore and love someone else may totally hate!

The types of products that are must-haves for me at the moment are a good conditioner to keep my curls moisturised and nourished, lip balm and I’m a bit addicted to highlighters. Fresh lengths hair care routine

5. Your hair is always so beautifully styled. What are your go-to hair care products and hair routine?

Thank you! I’ve always used a range of products and switch between a few but the brands I tend to use most are KeraCare, As I Am, Shea Moisture and Bumble and Bumble. Lesley of fresh Lengths blog hair products

Lesley of Fresh Lengths Blog on Blogging Tips and Life

6. Do you agree with the idea of some people being called fashion icons? Who is your favorite fashion icon?

When it comes to style, I mostly idolise other bloggers than the industry icons though I’ve always loved and admired Audrey Hepburn.

7. Do you think personal style bloggers who want to be successful in the industry need to work with professional photographers exclusively for their blogs? What’s your best tip for professional level outfit photos.

I think good imagery is key as the standard is extremely high now with a lot of blogs but I don’t think you have to work with professional photographers in order to be successful and it’s not always realistic to either.

Not everyone can work with professional photographers. I often take a lot of images for my blog myself or I ask my boyfriend to help when he can. Neither of us are photographers by trade and you don’t have to be to take a good outfit photo. Blogger Lesley of fresh lengths blog style

Be aware of lighting, your outfit and how it’s complimented by your surroundings and you should be onto a winner.

8. If you had a superpower for 60seconds. Which power will that be and what will you do in 60seconds?

Is teleportation a superpower? I’d love that. I’d transport myself to a different country or just somewhere beautiful to enjoy the surroundings, preferably the Amalfi Coast as it’s one of many places I’m hoping to see eventually.

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9. What’s the biggest misconception about style and beauty blogging in your opinion?

Any time I explain to people that I’m a blogger the first question they usually ask is “so, do you get lots of free stuff?”. They assume that bloggers get products for nothing and it’s easy to be a blogger. I’m guilty of shrugging off how much work I actually put in. As we often don’t show the behind the scenes stuff, I suppose bloggers make it look like it’s an easy life.

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love blogging but so much more goes into it than just writing or taking photos as you’re essentially creating and building a brand. Most bloggers don’t have teams to do that and we do a lot of the work on our own. Hair blogger Lesley of fresh lengths

10. If the world were to end in the next 30 seconds, grab 3 things to leave with.

I wouldn’t grab anything to be honest as it would be worthless if the world was about to end. I’d simply say a sad goodbye to my loved ones.

To see more of Lesley of fresh lengths blog, check out her Blog | Instagram

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Hope you enjoyed reading her answers as much I did. Read previous blogger interviews. If there are other bloggers you’ll like to see interviewed on the blog, please suggest in the comments.

Thanks for stopping by as always!

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