How To Wear Wrap Skirts Now

 Wrap around skirts aren’t really new, are they? I wore wrap skirts and wrap front skorts as a kid. Just like all the older fashion trends returning to the fashion scene, the wrap skirts are back and this post is on how to wear wrap skirts now.

 When skirt fashion trends surface, they take over and every fashionista jumps right in. Remember when the lace skirts were the hottest thing since fire? Or when suede skirts were the skirts to wear?

 Let’s not talk about the ruffle hem skirt trend and other skirt trends that have settled down now. Before you jump on the next skirt trend, do you know how to pick the right skirt for every occasionWays to wear wrap skirts

  Skirts are very feminine pieces. It’s important you wear wrap skirts that are flattering. Knowing the right style of skirt for you is the key to rocking a skirt outfit. This is the reason some skirt styles are suitable fashion for all ages.

 We all know that fashion recycles itself. Wrap skirts aren’t just back with the old wrap styles. These new wrap skirts came back with a bang. Have you been seeing them around? Below are more ways to wear the wrap skirts now.

How To Wear Wrap Skirts

  1.  Casual: No need to go overboard to wear wrap skirts if that ain’t your thing. There are casual yet trendy wrap skirts for the casual girl. Your regular tshirt is one of the tops to wear with wrap skirts for a casual look.
    Casual way to wear wrap skirts with tshirt

    FashionAgony did that in pastel suede!


  2.  Work Style: There’s no reason the working girl should be left out of the fun. Wearing a work style wrap skirt is one of the easiest ways to show skin decently in a work style outfit. Choose your length wisely.
    Wear wrap skirts for work like a boss

    Wendy Nguyen of Wendy’s Lookbook


  3.  Stop the presses: Think fashion week paparazzi style. You have to think out of the box to wear wrap skirts to certain places. This is to ensure you stand out! How to wear wrap skirts on dresses for fashion week If you’ve followed my outfit posts closely, you would know I like mixing and matching. I’ve worn dresses as skirts and skirts over dresses severally. Now this outfit on Ulyana Sergeenko is gorgeous.
  4.  Denim Fever: I have too many denim posts already on the blog that I’m not surprised denim made it to list. Wear wrap skirt denim outfit for fashion week Denim is so versatile that you can wear it with almost every fashion piece. Here are 5 more fun ways to wear denim and reasons you should wear the embroidered denim trend now.
  5.  African: I like that African prints and fabrics can be used to sew different fashion pieces. Looking for a new Ankara style to rock? Here’s an Ankara wrap skirt to try.African wrap skirt

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 I can’t wait to wear wrap skirts again as a grown up. Have you worn wrap skirts lately, share your experience with us in the comments!

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