Kente Cape Dress Outfit

I’m not trying to overload you with African prints outfits, I promise!  This Kente cape dress was part of the Ankara outfits Porshher made for me. You’ve seen the Ankara wide leg pants and the Ankara shift dress already.

If you follow me on Instagram, then you must have seen a selfie I took wearing this kente cape dress weeks ago. I loved the colors and print the moment I saw it in the market. I didn’t go to buy Ghanaian fabrics but I liked this blue combo that resembled the old plain and pattern African print fabrics. Kente cape dress

Blue is one of my favorite colors so it always feels right starting from blue African prints whether Ankara or not. I’ve seen different kente dress styles especially with the green and yellow kente fabric. This blue kente got my attention and I wish they sold more than 2 yards per pack. Kente cape dress outfit

I wore this kente cape dress outfit to church on Easter Sunday. Ironically, the dress code was all white but I didn’t have an all white outfit to wear. Remember the last all white service, I wore all white oleku style iro and buba which I collected from my Uncle’s wife.

There was no other white for me to wear and I only heard about the dress code few days to the day from my 7 years old cousin. He just said “Aunty Onyi, I know you don’t have white, what will you wear on Sunday?”

I jokingly replied, “Oh, so you know all my clothes huh? How do you know I don’t have white and why must I wear white on Sunday?. He then told me while smiling, “We wear white to church every Easter Sunday”. I just thought to myself, oh! not again with the last minute all white ensemble.

Well, long story short, God accepts us in every outfit and color, hehe. I had new kente cape dress outfit that I wanted to rock badly, I wore it to church and nothing happened, end of story! Oh, the senior pastor didn’t wear white also which made me feel better about not wearing white, lol. Blue kente cape dress outfitkente cape dress outfit Nigerian blogger styleBlue kente cape dress outfit blogger styleKente dress style

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This kente cape dress outfit was actually the first I wore from my recent African print outfits made by Porshher. I’ll be sharing more African print outfits subsequently in the coming months. Nigerian style blogger Abuja based kente cape dress outfit

What do you think of my Kente cape dress outfit? Do you have African print dresses made from kente fabric?

Wearing: Kente Cape Dress made by Porshher (love this African prints dress with similar style)|| Zara Shoes (love this) and this (printed heels) | Polette Sunglasses

*If you are located where you can’t find kente fabrics like the one I used in this kente cape dress outfit, you can shop online on Etsy.


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