You Need To Know The pH Of Your Skincare Products

In my review of the Cosrx low ph Goodmorning gel cleanser, I mentioned the benefits of using low ph skincare products briefly. This post is to further explain why you need to know the ph of your skincare products.

Incase you’ve forgotten, pH stands for “potential hydrogen”. It is used to describe the acid-alkaline ratio of a substance and ranges from 0 (most acidic) to 14 (most alkaline). You need to know the ph of your skincare products because healthy skin is achieved by maintaining the right balance between acidity and alkalinity. How to know the ph of your skincare products

First of all, you should know the natural pH of skin which is about 4.5 – 5.5. Any pH lower than 4 can dry your skin and any pH above 6 can cause your skin to be more prone to breakouts and other skin conditions.

Secondly, you should know the importance of pH in skincare products. Also, even with appropriate pH in skincare products, the type of water you use can influence the final pH level. For example, if you’re using hard tap water, the pH of your skincare product which was initially 5.5 could become 6.0 on contact with water.

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This means that, in a more alkaline water, the pH of your product will increase and decrease in a more acidic water like rain water. The change in pH levels on contact with water is the reason the best pH level to use in skincare is about 5.0 – 5.5.Know The pH Of Your Skincare Products

Using products within that range ensure that the pH level increase remains at safe levels. I actually got to know about pH levels in skincare products when I had the guest post on how to make the most of your sheet mask experience. A product with a specific pH of 5.5 was mentioned.

After seeing that Innisfree rebalancing 5.5 cleanser, I began paying more attention to details of face cleansers. My search for low ph face washes and low ph face cleansers led me to the Cosrx low ph Goodmorning gel cleanser.cosrx low ph Goodmorning gel cleanser or Innisfree blueberry rebalancing ph cleanser

I was already using Cosrx products like the all in one snail cream and the BHA blackhead power liquid, choosing the gel cleanser was easy. However, I decided to try the Innisfree version first while another family member was trying the Cosrx and I eventually borrowed it to test and loved it.

Factors That Can Alter Skin’s Natural pH

  • Temperature Change and Humidity.
  • Dirt.
  • Frequent Washing.
  • Chemicals and Medications.
  • Cosmetics.
  • Hormonal changes.
  • Lifestyle – Alcohol, Smoking, Caffeine, etc.

Why You Should Know The pH Of Your Skincare Products and Reasons To Use Low pH Skincare Products

  • Proper absorption of antioxidant ingredients in your skincare.
  • Anti-aging ingredients work better.
  • Prevention of premature wrinkle.
  • Even skin tone.
  • Less or No breakouts.

Other Ways To Maintain Appropriate Skin pH Besides Skincare Products

It is important to have alkaline-forming foods in your diet too. These are naturally high in the exact vitamins and minerals needed for good skin. They contain antioxidants such as beta-carotene and vitamins A, C, and E, omega-3 fatty acids and zinc.

Some alkaline-forming food to eat should include leafy vegetables like spinach, low sugar fruits like apples, bananas, lemons and watermelon. Grains and seeds like oatmeal, flax seeds and nuts like almonds and walnuts.Benefits of red fruits on skins natural ph

Alkaline-forming food lead to a stronger immune system, improved digestion, and better skin tone. Avoid having too much of acid-forming food like sugar, dairy, red meat, processed grains, yeast, alcohol, and caffeine.

I’m new to skincare pH but I’m learning fast and my skin is better than it has ever been. If you’ve been using harsh skincare products, it’s time to stop. Not sure of how to test pH of skincare products? use pH indicator strips. Always drink lots of water per day.

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Do you know the pH of your skincare products? What low pH skincare products are you using?

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