[JOLSE] Olivarrier Fluid Oil 30ml review

Many of us have facial oils in our skincare routines, so a ‘facial oil’ like the Olivarrier squalane fluid oil won’t be new to new. This post is an Olivarrier fluid oil review + more information on the role of oil on skin.

The Olivarrier fluid oil isn’t only a facial oil but because of the size (30ml), I use it just for the face with occasional drops for my legs, knees and elbows. It’s even stated on the pack that it’s suitable for face and body.


An oil-less oil that overcame the weakness of oil with faster absorption than water.

Olivarrier fluid oil review

Features Of Olivarrier Fluid Oil

  • Tightens oily or dry skin.
  • For dry eyes, lips, and wrinkles.
  • Good for rough hands and nails.
  • For damaged hair.
  • This oil with 0 chemicals is good for sensitive and weak skin in expecting mothers and babies. Click To Tweet
  • Olivarrier squalane fluid oil protects sensitive skin stimulated by UV rays, city pollution, fine dust, temperature difference, junk food, hormone changes and stress.
  • The fluid oil contains only colorless, odorless and harmless plant squalane.
  • The freshness and quick absorption of the Olivarrier fluid oil provides enough moisture for any time of the year by keeping the skin smooth.
  • Makes dead skin cells elastic without blocking the pores.
Olivarrier fluid oil contains 100% squalane which tightens oily and dry skin without clogging pores. Click To Tweet

Olivarrier fluid oil contains 100% squalane, a saturated form of the emollient ‘squalene’ – a type of lipid found in our skin that provides moisture and enhances the skin barrier.

You should know that because it’s highly saturated, squalane is less prone to breaking down in the presence of air than the less-saturated squalene.

The squalane that makes up Olivarrier fluid oil is found in Mediterranean olives not just any olives. If you’ve been following my beauty posts, you’ll know I love using Olive oil for my face like these Innisfree olive oil wipes and in my affordable natural hair care.

Olivarrier fluid oil review by Korean skincare products blogger

I’ve been using the Olivarrier fluid oil for more than a month. I started using it as soon as the good people of Jolse sent it over for review purposes. All the times I planned to take photos of it and do the review, other things especially work-related came up.

Forgive me if the photos aren’t the same standard as in my previous reviews. If I keep waiting to take good photos myself, this Olivarrier fluid oil review might never happen. Below is what I think about this squalane face and body oil.

Olivarrier Fluid Oil Review

Packaging: It comes in a simple white and pack and a transparent bottle, nothing too fancy. A dropper like my Vitamin C serum, which makes it easy to control quantity of product leaving the bottle without wasting or spilling the rest of the product. Olivarrier fluid oil review

Ingredients: this oil contains 100% olive squalane. No additional chemicals or ingredients.

Effect: I love how well the Olivarrier fluid oil absorbs without being sticky. It glides over the skin smoothly and does a good job in moisture retention. You can see an almost instant even tone when you apply this squalane fluid oil after washing your face or body. Olivarrier fluid oil review

Availability: Though the Olivarrier brand is not as popular as Cosrx and the likes on the internet, it can be found in some of the popular online Korean stores like Jolse   and eBay.

Price: Its not one of the very affordable Korean skincare products but it’s not very expensive either. It costs between $35 -$45 for the 30ml bottle.

How To Use Olivarrier Fluid Oil

  • Take 1 ~ 2 drops on the hands, rub in your palms and wrap the face with your palms to absorb smoothly.
  • You can mix with your moisturizer or apply alone. I like to apply this Oil alone especially at night. Just my personal preference.
  • This Oil is to be used in the oil or moisturizing stage of your skincare routine.

I’ll like to know, what facial oil are you using? Have you heard about or used the Olivarrier fluid oil before? Share in the comments!

*Product was provided for review purposes however, all opinions are 100% mine. Photos, also c/o Jolse.

This squalane fluid oil is non sticky, great for sensitive skin and protects against UV rays. Click To Tweet

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