[JOLSE] SAAT Insight Konstante Eleganz Fixer 100ml Review

The Saat insight konstante eleganz fixer has been described as a powerful fixer that maintains fresh make-up all day long. Said to form a cool and fresh moisture film that provides moisture and smoothly adheres to the skin leaving it bright with a gentle glow.

After I received this makeup fixer from the good people at Jolse, i tried it once while wearing makeup to work. It was a busy day as usual and i totally forgot to check for its effect.

While in Lagos, I had the opportunity to try and review it again. I tried it on a sunny hot day when I visited the beach and also during my visit to lekki conservation centre.

I noticed a big difference between when I used it and when I didn’t. Recently, I’ve been trying Nigerian cosmetic brands and my most recent is Zaron’s healthy glow foundation. The foundation is well pigmented and one of the few foundations I’ve ever tried that matched my tone perfectly without having to mix and match.

The foundation tends to get really get oily and breakdown on my face after a few hours despite being tagged oil-free. I’ve read about this issue online from other users. I’m using the color FZ05 which matches me perfectly. I’ll probably keep using it till I find a perfect and affordable replacement. 

My healthy glow foundation was a great product to try this Saat insight konstante eleganz fixer on. I wanted something to help keep the oil away and prevent the breakdown. To my surprise, this makeup fixer helped.

It didn’t stop my face from getting oily at all but it helped to keep the oil at a very minimal quantity. On some days, I noticed the oil was mostly on my t zone as opposed to my entire face before I started using the fixer. The foundation also didn’t breakdown and have oily patches anymore rather there was an even and reduced oiliness.Saat insight konstante eleganz fixer review Post

SAAT Insight Konstante Eleganz Fixer Review

Packaging: it comes in a simple plastic white and black spray bottle and a pastel marble pack. There’s a 100ml and a 50ml. The one in this review post is 100ml. The spray nozzle works very fine. 

Ingredients: this is the tricky part. I couldn’t find the list in English but as a Korean skincare addict, I expect the ingredients to be as safe as other Korean skincare products I’ve used.

Effect: I noticed that this SAAT insight konstante eleganz fixer gives a subtle glow after use. This will definitely be perfect for matte makeup products or dry to combination skin especially. I noticed that using it before and after makeup lasted longer.

Price: the 50ml bottle costs about $14-$17 while the 100ml bottle costs about $21 -$25. This is a great price range when compared with other popular makeup fixing sprays from non Korean brands.

Availability: SAAT insight is a relatively new Korean skincare brand so, it’s not available in a lot of online Korean stores. It can be found on Jolse and Ebay.

The last makeup fixing spray that I tried and liked as much as the SAAT Insight konstante eleganz fixer was the one from skindinavia. I still use the primer and fixing spray even though I’m not a big makeup fixer user, I usually forget about them.

Saat insight konstante eleganz fixer review

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Do you always use makeup fixers when you wear makeup? What are your favorite brands and products?

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