[JOLSE] Rivecowe Bubble Mask Pack Review

If you love bubbling masks like the Elizavecca milky piggy carbonated bubble clay mask that I reviewed, you’ll love the Rivecowe bubble mask pack even more. I was so impressed with this bubbling sheet mask that I couldn’t wait to review it.

You know how there’s sheet masking in skincare routine, the Rivecowe Bubble Mask Pack isn’t just like the regular sheet masks. It’s a bubbling sheet mask! It does the work of a sheet mask while exfoliating (bubbling) your skin.

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First time I ever tried a bubbling mask was the Elizavecca carbonated bubbling mask. The application is slightly messier than this bubbling sheet mask but they can be compared in terms of bubbling effect.

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I received the Rivecowe bubble mask pack from Jolse in July (3 sheets) and I’ve been itching to share it with everyone. It was a very busy week at work so I didn’t have time to exfoliate and take care of my skin properly. A night to one of my call days at the hospital, while packing I saw the pack.

It was the right time to use it for the first time. I figured I could just put on the mask and continue packing my call bag. The bubbles started forming the moment I opened the sachet. I doubt I stayed up to the recommended time (3-5mins). The foam was covering everywhere, my nose, eyes, ears, lol I was literally looking like a monster. Rivecowe bubble mask pack review post

I gave up on waiting when my nose was completely covered, so, I quickly removed the mask and washed my face. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting much since I hardly wasted any time before washing it off. My face had an instant brightness, anyone that saw me before I put on the mask could testify to that.

It was as though the mask washed off a layer from my face and evened out my tone also. I couldn’t believe how such a small product could do so much with barely any effort. The process was faster and better for me subsequently.

Rivecowe Bubble Mask Pack Review

Packaging: It comes in a shiny bubble gum pink sachet similar to the Cosrx acne pimple patch I reviewed sometime ago. Most, if not all sheet masks come in big sachets. Rivecowe bubble mask pack from jolse

Ingredients: it contains chamomille, green tea, camellia seed extract and more. Isopropyl Myristate is the only ingredient with a significant score as a possible acne trigger. Read the full cosdna ingredient analysis here.

Effects: Have I mentioned how amazing this bubbling sheet mask is? It’s not every sheet mask that leaves a lasting impression. The Rivecowe bubble mask pack can be used in place of your exfoliator and foam cleanser during your skincare routine.

Price: a pack of 5 costs between $7 – $9 while a pack of 10 costs about $15. This is slightly more expensive than regular sheet masks but fair enough for its double use.

Availability: Prior to this review, I didn’t know about this brand because I haven’t seen it on other popular Korean skincare products stores besides Jolse. For the purpose of this post, I made a quick search and saw that it’s also available on Amazon but slightly more expensive.

How To Use Rivecowe Bubble Mask Pack

  • Open the sachet and bring out the mask.
  • Separate the sheet as quickly as possible because the moment it comes in contact with air, it begins to bubble. Rivecowe bubble mask pack bubbles
  • Smooth it over your face avoiding the eye and lip areas.
  • Leave it on your face for about 3-5 mins before removing it and washing your face. You can use the sheet as a sponge if you wish.

Rivecowe bubble mask pack review post in use

For the regular sheet masks, they’re so relaxing that you can lay down, sip a glass of wine while watching your favorite tv show. In the case of this bubble mask pack, the foams form too quickly that you might not be able to do much. You can still try catching up on anything that interests you on the tv like me, lol and hope the foams don’t get to your eyes too quickly. Rivecowe bubble mask pack review on the face

I enjoy night time skincare routines a lot especially on nights that I’m not feeling sleepy. This is because they’re so soothing and relaxing and you actually have enough time to pamper your skin.

So, have you tried a bubble mask pack before? Share your experience and recommendations in the comments.

Thanks for stopping by as always. Wishing you a great week.

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