Satin Natural Hair Travel Kit Review

So, I got this satin natural hair travel kit from reflection salon and spa Abuja c/o The blogger point about 2 months ago.
I didn’t get the time to properly put the kit to use or review its content because I had kinky braids for long plus crazy work schedule.

The satin natural hair travel kit from reflection salon and spa consists of a satin sleeping eye patch, a satin pillowcase, a drawstring pouch and a hair length check shirt. Satin Natural Hair Travel Kit from reflections salon and spa

I had the chance to properly use the satin natural hair travel kit during my travel to Lagos because I finally had my natural hair out. You must have seen some photos of me in Lagos already in my previous post.

Everyone (especially those keeping their natural hair) must have heard about satin bonnets for natural hair. Most naturalistas use satin hair bonnets as they are said to be better for moisture retention. It’s safe to say all things satin are great for natural hair.

It doesn’t stop at satin hair bonnets! Satin pillowcase(s) should be in both your natural hair care kit and your natural hair travel kit. A satin pillowcase isn’t just great for natural hair, it’s also great for the skin (face). It helps prevent premature wrinkles because of it’s smooth and soft nature.

Benefits Of The Lady Satin Pillowcases In This Satin Natural Hair Travel Kit

  • minimizes hair fall
  • lessens split ends
  • lessens tangle
  • minimizes hair breakage
  • delays wrinkles
  • maximizes effects of creams and lotions
  • gives quality beauty sleep

Lady satin pillowcases
Curly hair dries out easily and cotton is moisture sucking. This is the reason satin fabric is the better option for your skin and hair. Imagine spending time on your night skincare routine like we do in Korean skincare routines only to wake up with a dry and wrinkled skin in the morning all because of your pillowcase.
spending time with your hair on wash days only to wake up with dry tangled curls the next day. That would be wasted effort and nobody wants that. Opt for satin hair care products today and you’ll be glad you did.

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Speaking of haircare, I recently incorporated this Cantu leave-in conditioner into my haircare routine. I haven’t really used products labeled “leave-in” since I started this natural hair journey. After trying the Cantu products I mentioned in my post on how I maintain my hair with less than 7000 naira for months, I decided to give the Cantu version a try.

I noticed that the effect is more noticeable on the day of application, by the next day, you’ll need to reapply or use water to help soften the hair. It was the only hair product I traveled and used with the Reflection salon and spa’s satin natural hair travel kit. Satin Natural Hair Travel kit review

Using hair products daily can be too heavy for my curls so, I wasn’t using the product daily as directed. I was using it every other day and wetting my hair before styling in between. Thanks to the satin natural hair kit, my hair wasn’t drying out completely even with long hours of AC use with my hair exposed.

If you’re wondering if I always leave my hair exposed, no! I did that to properly test the satin natural hair kit, especially the lady satin pillowcase. I currently use a bonnet very similar to this satin hair bonnet to cover my hair when I’m at home or before bed. This other Triple gro satin bonnet was my first.

My main focus so far in this satin natural hair travel kit review has been the satin pillowcase. This is because it’s beneficial for both hair and skin. Though not everyone uses a sleeping eye patch to sleep or travel, if you must, use a satin sleeping eye patch like the one in this travel kit. Satin sleeping eye patch In nigeria

When using sleeping eye patches, choosing the wrong fabric can leave your skin with a lot of sleep lines by the time you wake up. But with a satin sleeping eye patch like the one included in the satin natural hair travel kit, you’re sure of waking up with your skin still smooth and free of lines.

The next important item in the satin natural hair travel kit is not made of satin but definitely a must have for every serious naturalista. I’m talking of a hair length check shirt. I was never that naturalista obsessed with hair length check but I noticed I was impressed with my progress when I checked my length against the gradation on the hair length check shirt.Hair length shirt in Nigeria

The inscription in front of the shirt is encouraging too. There are a lot of naturalistas out there who have experienced some sort of discrimination because of their natural hair look especially in school and work environments . A natural hair shirt like this remains a reminder that your curls rock!Natural hair shirt from reflections salon abuja

As for the pouch, I’ll call this an additional item that doesn’t necessarily have to be satin. In this satin travel kit, it goes with the rest of the satin set. While I’m not the most arranged person when it comes to product storage, I know a pouch to store some necessary products is important.

Finally, let me share my verdict after trying out the satin natural hair travel kit while actually traveling. Satin Natural Hair Travel Kit Review

Review Of The Satin Natural Hair Travel Kit From Reflection Salon and Spa Abuja

Fabric: like I mentioned earlier in the post, satin is a soft and smooth fabric which won’t stress your hair and/or skin. There are different types of satin but today isn’t for discussing satin types. This satin is soft and appropriate for daily use.

Effect: the satin fabric truly retained moisture both on my hair and face. I’m a night time routine person as you must have seen from some of my Korean skincare products reviews. This gave me the opportunity to truly try the satin’s effect properly.

Price: This satin natural hair travel kit costs only 2500 naira (approximately $7). A steal if you ask me.

Availability: You can purchase the kit from the Reflection salon and spa Abuja. They are located at Starview palace hotel 4th Ave. Gwarinpa, Abuja. They offer nationwide delivery at an extra cost. For orders outside Abuja and more details, contact them using details from their instagram page.

 In my opinion, this would have been a perfect kit for traveling with natural hair but it’s missing a satin bonnet. This is the only thing I’ll like improved in the satin natural hair travel kit.

Satin Natural Hair Travel kit from reflection salon Abuja review

Even though the travel kit is targeted at the unrelaxed hair population because of how quickly natural curls lose moisture, people with relaxed hair will definitely also benefit from it. Everyone deserves shiny hair and smooth skin.

Also, Reflection salon and spa is a unisex salon that offer services ranging from hair extensions, massage, manicure to barbing. So, guys can benefit from their services too.

Now, it’s your turn! What’s your go-to hair product for moisture-retention? Tell me about your experience traveling with your natural hair and if you’ve ever tried any product or kit like this satin natural hair travel kit in the comments.

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Thanks for stopping by as always. Enjoy your weekend.

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