BathKandy Goat Milk Lotion Review

The BathKandy goat milk lotion was one of the products I bought during my first visit to the BathKandy store in Abuja few weeks ago.

During that visit, I bought it with the creamy goat milk soap. I’ve been using the 2 together morning and night since then. I still have a love-hate relationship with the goat milk soap (nothing major though) so, I’ll review the goat milk lotion first. Bathkandy goat milk lotion review

BathKandy described their Goat milk lotion as an excellent & non-greasy moisturizer that leaves your skin feeling silky smooth. Suitable for people with eczema, psoriasis, keratosis pilaris and other skin conditions resulting in dry, itchy, skin patches.

This Nigerian handmade goat milk lotion is a non-greasy moisturizer suitable for your dry skin. Click To Tweet

Benefits Of Goat Milk On Skin

  •  Goat milk is extremely gentle on the skin especially for dry & malnourished skin.
  •  Goat’s milk has a pH level closer to that of humans. This is a good thing because the pH of your skincare products affects how your skin looks. Remember my post on why you need to know the pH of your skincare products?
  •  A lot of reports say goat milk contains vitamins (B1,B6,B12,C,D,E), AHA and lactic acid which aid in the breakdown of dead skin cells thereby aiding delay of skin aging. You know I’m all for antiageing ingredients like my previous snail cream, hyaluronic acid cream and my vitamin C serum.
  •  Its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects helps treat acne and acne-prone skin.

BathKandy Goat Milk Lotion Review

Packaging: The BathKandy goat milk lotion comes in a simple plastic bottle. I like that it’s not a cup or jar, makes it more hygienic to use. Bathkandy goat milk lotion review

Ingredients: Goat milk, water and special blend of oils & butters. I wish the particular oils and butters were listed.

Effect: This goat milk lotion has a thick creamy but not greasy consistency. Spreads easily and quite moisturizing. I have a really dry skin so I always add body oils to my creams and lotions.

While the BathKandy goat milk lotion is really moisturizing, my skin still needed a bit of oil as usual. I had to revisit to buy the BathKandy body oil. A secondary school mate actually recommended the citrus burst on my post on Instagram. Naturally, I would take it because of the listed ingredients but I went for the fizzy Berry instead. Bathkandy goat milk lotion and body oil

This decision was solely based on the fragrance. I liked it better and felt it was a better combination with that of the goat milk lotion. My skin hates fragrances in skincare products generally but I’m believing BathKandy uses 100% natural ingredients  because so far, my skin hasn’t hated the oil and lotion.

Price: The BathKandy goat milk lotion costs 4000 naira for 260ml. For the price of most handmade body lotions in Nigeria presently, this is fair. When compared to conventional brands like Dove and Jergens, you’ll find that the size of the containers are bigger for the same price.

What you get for this smaller container is the more natural ingredients generally safer for long term use as a lot of conventional brands in Nigeria have become adulterated.

Availability: You can buy the goat milk within and outside Nigeria (160 countries) from the online store or from the BathKandy store in Abuja or Lagos.

Was The BathKandy Goat Milk Lotion Everything We’ve Heard About Goat Milk Lotions?

Forget that my skin can be stubborn when it comes to moisturizers. The first thing I noticed after days of use was the tone of my skin becoming more even with a subtle glow. Though,I have what most people will see as even tone but I still have some spots on my knees and elbows that have been darker for years.

This is the first time in a long time that I noticed a difference in these areas while trying out a new body product. Now, I’m not sure if it’s just the goat Milk lotion or the combination with the goat milk soap. I love my skin whichever way.

Note that: I don’t use the lotion on my face so, I can’t tell the effect on the face. However, the reviews left on the product page suggests that it’s suitable for face too.

The addition of the body oil potentiates the lotion’s moisturizing effect. I see myself using the 3 products longer. My skin tone didn’t get darker, what most people fear when changing skincare products. Bathkandy goat milk lotion review Post

So, yes! The BathKandy goat milk lotion is everything you’ve heard about goat milk lotions. It smells really yummy too with a hint of cocoa butter. I’m now secretly feeling guilty that I’m not so enthusiastic about trying more Nigerian brands with goat milk lotions any more.

iKid! If you’re a Nigerian skincare brand and you’ll like for me to try your goat milk lotion, don’t hesitate to send it my way! My skin might just love it more. If it doesn’t, I know a goat milk lotion to fall back to.

This goat milk lotion is suitable for people with skin conditions resulting in dry, itchy, skin patches. Click To Tweet

During my second visit to get the body oil, they gave me a hand cream as birthday gift. I took quick photos with it because it’s quite portable. I’m sure these photos elsewhere can pass for a facial product ad, lol. That day I was feeling really sick and I had no makeup on, took excuse duty from work and all I wanted was to get home asap.Inside bathkandy store Abuja

In case I missed anything, don’t hesitate to add or ask me in the comments. Any goat milk lotion recommendations? Have you used the bathkandy goat milk lotion before?

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