Daycation Vibe in Printed Ruffle Wrap Dress Outfit

Before I talk of my ruffle wrap dress outfit, let me tell you about the struggles of a fashion and lifestyle blogger when it comes to taking photos in certain locations to achieve a look.

You walk into a place with great ambience and immediately spot good photo locations around the place. On the other side, there’s a great relaxing spot but it’s not well lit for the type of photos you want, so you settle for the picture perfect part even if it’s less relaxing. Daycation Vibe in Printed Ruffle Wrap Dress Outfit

The whole idea of going to the place was to relax and have a good time but thanks to their great decor, you spend more than half the time taking photos and trying to achieve the perfect shot. You gotta nail that shot for the gram!

In the end, you would think you had a great time but in reality you really just spent your ‘great time’ taking photos to show you had a great time without actually having the great time the photo depicts.

A typical example of depicting a great time in photos even when you didn’t have a great time is this daycation vibe photos of me wearing this printed ruffle wrap dress outfit. On the day this photos were taken, I shot two other outfits of myself – this bow dress outfit and this blue structured dress outfitPrinted Ruffle Wrap Dress Outfit

I also took about 5 different outfit photos of a friend. In between changing clothes, changing my hairstyle and walking from one shooting area to another, I was sweating and gradually getting tired because I’m not used to shooting more than one outfit at a time. My determination to finally shoot this look drove me to complete the shoot.

The first time I wore this ruffle wrap dress outfit, it was to a photo shoot I was overseeing. I had hoped we would finish early and I’ll take outfit photos but that didn’t happen so I postponed the outfit shoot. On the second outing, it was too sunny and I postponed again.

When I eventually chose The Dome as a meeting point, I knew I had to take advantage of their vacation-style pool side to shoot this outfit. I switched from my initial plans of dressing it up with heels to vacation or daycation vibes with a hat and sunglasses.

Initially, the shoot had a rocky start and I almost got discouraged. The area I had in mind to shoot most of the looks was too sunny so we had to move to another area. On getting there, one of the employees asked for my permission/pass to use a professional camera in the premises.

Jokingly, I told him I didn’t think my initial permit to shoot there was expired. Remember the blogger collaboration we shot there few months ago. They had started charging for shoots in the premises and I didn’t know. The last time I was there was for my Swedish massage and Bellabaci cups in Camelot Spa and I used a phone to take the photos I took at the entrance.

Luckily for me, I still had the number of one of the PR people managing the place so I called her and she spoke with the guy. I’ll still like to consider myself a friend of The Dome, lol but now I know shoots aren’t free there anymore except if it’s a collaboration with them.Ruffle Wrap Dress OutfitPrinted Ruffle Wrap Dress Outfit

The rest of the shoot went hitch-free even though the sun didn’t let me utilize the areas I wanted. I finally got to shoot my ruffle wrap dress outfit and all is well with the world again!

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Would you have guessed anything from just looking at these photos? Have you shown different vibes in photos different from what was really going on? Let’s hear about it in the comments!

Thanks for stopping by as usual.

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