Two Piece Set Outfit For Aura By Divalukky Unveiling In Jabi Lake Mall Abuja

Last week Sunday, Aura by Divalukky was unveiled in the Divalukky store inside Jabi lake mall, Abuja. I mentioned the brand in my last post where I wore an exaggerated bow dress from the aura collection. The two piece set outfit in this post is also from the same collection and my outfit to the unveiling.

I’ve worn two piece set outfits a lot in this year more than I have in previous years. My favorites were this two piece trouser set and this two piece shorts set till I wore this Aura two piece set outfit called “Hornbill set“. two piece set outfit By Divalukky

The style of the sleeves and the color especially against my skin color made me fall in love with the final look more during my fitting. I liked the pants but because I’ve worn structured trousers such as my flare ankara pants, it didn’t stand out as much as the sleeves for me.

I like that this two piece set outfit can be worn with and without a belt depending on your style and body shape. If you remember from my post on how to dress according to your body shape, the banana/straight/rectangular body shape require styles that are belted or cinched at the waist to highlight their curves since the lower body is slimmer. two piece set outfit Aura by Divalukky two piece set outfit Aura by Divalukky Hornbill set

In this case, me! As you can see, the belt highlighted my curves just like the cinched waist did in my bow dress outfit. The trouser further accentuated my long legs and made me look my height. I have been told on several occasions that I was taller in person compared to my photos.

Anita Ebeledike Divalukky creative director

Divalukky’s creative director – Anita

During the event, people loved my two piece set outfit including a woman who had to take a photo of me to show her daughter in America before buying the set. She also bought my bow dress and another blue dress I wore with exaggerated bow on one of the shoulders. I will share the look with you in a subsequent post. Aura by Divalukky collection in Jabi lake mall Abuja

This event taught me patience with customers too especially now that I run my own online store. Some Instagram celebrity really tried to piss me off but the event wasn’t about her and knowing what had gone into making the Aura collection a success, I quickly moved on. Let’s just say someone with a shitty attitude is still shitty even if they post long bible passages on Instagram morning and night. two piece set outfit from Aura by Divalukky collection

The event started at 12.00pm but I got there almost 3.00pm because I went to church first. There was a free snack bar with drinks infront of the store for customers. Small chops and different fruit drinks were served. Life is a learning process and we have to live it to learn. The unveiling was definitely a success and I can’t wait for the next project. Aura by Divalukky unveiling in Jabi lake mall Abuja

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two piece set outfit from Aura by Divalukky

So, what do you think of my two piece set outfit? Do I need to add this color to my favorite colors?

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