Merry Christmas In Red

So, I shot this look last week and saved it for my Christmas Day post. My friend Farida suggested I use it for Valentine’s Day outfit inspiration but that’s still far away. Its red, it’s Christmas-y but not a Christmas dress.

Aura By Divalukky woodpecker set

Yes, this isn’t a dress, it’s a two piece set – the woodpecker 2-piece set from aura by Divalukky. I love that you can wear the set to look like a dress the way I’ve done or as separates with different tops and bottoms.

If you’ve been reading my posts from the last couple of months or following me on Instagram, you would have noticed how all my outfits from Aura By Divalukky have been a hit back to back. The styles are so cute that if you can afford the entire collection, you won’t mind owning every piece.

Aura By Divalukky woodpecker set For Christmas
Aura By Divalukky woodpecker set For Christmas 2018
Aura By Divalukky red skirt set For Christmas 2018

I’m not even saying this because I work with the brand currently, the pieces speak for themselves. Check out this burgundy exaggerated bow dress outfit, blue structured dress outfit, this hornbill set and this monochrome outfit with saucer hat. There are more where these came from.

These photos reflect my current mood, I’m back home with my immediate family enjoying Christmas. We might not have everything we want right now, things haven’t been going as expected but having each other, spending time together and creating even more memories are the things that truly matter.

Red skirt set outfit

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Red Skirt Set Outfit for Christmas

How are you spending your Christmas?

Thanks for stopping by as usual. I wish you a very merry Christmas and a prosperous new year to come!

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