Modavracha blog consultation service

Cost: 10,000 naira ($30) only. *Your card will be charged in naira however, this service is open internationally. If you’ll like alternative payment options in Usd using payoneer, PayPal or skrill, contact me.

Duration: 2 consecutive days. 45 minutes per day. Consultation Hours: 11am to 8 pm WAT. Days: Monday to Saturday

Communication: FaceTime, WhatsApp and/or Skype

Blog consultation for newbies and aspiring bloggers

Newbie/Aspiring Blogger: Anyone wishing to start a blog on blogger or self-hosted WordPress with no prior blogging or website management knowledge. Anyone who has just just started a blog on blogger or self-hosted WordPress with no idea what to do next.

Consultation for the aspiring blogger includes:

  • Defining the type of blogger you want to become. (Hobbyist or Professional).
  • Selecting the type of blog you want. (Your blogging niche).
  • Starting your blog on the right platform according to your preferences and blogging style.
  • Selecting where to buy a domain name and/or blog hosting.
  • Determining the best place to buy visually and structurally pleasing blog templates/themes according to your style.

Consultation for the newbie blogger includes:

  • Looking through your blog to ensure it’s set up correctly (displays accurately across devices, visible to search engines, visible blog contents, etc).
  • How to get and use custom domain if on free blogging platform (Blogger only).
  • How to properly format your blog content including adding images to blog posts.
  • How to move around or set up widgets and customize some parts of your blog (you’ll choose 2)
  • How to add beneficial sharing options with proper open graphs tags.
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Affordable blog consultation

Old blogger: Anyone who has been blogging consistently on blogger or self-hosted WordPress for over 6 months.

Consultation includes:

  • Looking through your blog to find areas that need change or improvement.
  • Blog redesign or rebranding suggestions (New templates or themes and customizations).
  • Custom: Pick 3 other specific blogging problems you need help with.

*1st 5 bloggers to sign up will get 15% off their blog consultation

Lets get started. Fill the form below to receive payment link and discount via email (if among the first 5). Contact me – onyinye(at) if you encounter any issues.

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