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Holi 2015 In Kharkov

 I don’t know if you know about Holi but in case you don’t know, it’s a spring festival also known as festival of colors or festival of love originally observed as an ancient Hindu festival, now observed in many non-hindu countries to mark the beginning of spring. This year we …

Valentine’s Day At 44 Favorite Place

 Happy Sunday lovelies, how was your Valentine’s day? Mine ended with a great time at 44 favorite place.  I’ve always passed by 44 favorite place on days i have internal medicine classes and always postponed my eating there, I used to see people chillaxing on their outdoor terrace during summer …

Exodus Lounge Kharkov Opening

 My 2 weeks break is already over, technically i still have 3 days left but weekends don’t count since they’re usually school-free even though my Uni administration think otherwise.  You’ve seen my high neck shift dress on the blog before back in 2013 – in this post, where i used …