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5 Oils For Skin You Should Be Using

  If you are a skincare enthusiast or someone with different skincare concerns, then oils for skin will definitely be at the top your search results anytime you search for skincare routines and products to tackle your skin concerns. Oils are a great addition to every skincare routine regardless of your …

How I Use Avocado Oil For Hair And Skin

  I’ve been using avocado oil for hair and skin since discovering it few weeks after my post on necessary natural hair products.  I prefer the effects to coconut oil (*reviewed). I know we all tend to love most of our new products better than old ones especially if they …

Unrefined Coconut Oil

Hello lovelies, how are you doing today..hope y’all had a great weekend? This is an overdue post. You remember when i reviewed my garnier exfo brusher Here ( by the way,i still use it) and Ivana suggested i try pure coconut oil for my dry skin.  After reading lots of reviews online about …