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Beneath their lab coat

Beneath His Lab Coat

Hello lovelies! Hope everyone is doing great. For sometime now some of my male friends and readers have been asking me when i would do something for the guys on the blog..so today i present to you my first male feature on the blog. A peek beneath Frankson’s lab coat. …
Beneath their lab coat

Beneath her Lab Coat

Hi darls,how is everyone doing today? My first feature on beneath the lab coat is Queeneth. She’s one of my closest friends,we have known each other for 9 years,we attended same high school and now we share an apartment,study in same university,same course and same group! She takes some of …

Beneath the scrubs

If you started reading my blog one month ago when i started it,you will probably remember the page i titled “behind the lab coat”,i have decided to start the posts but this time as “Beneath the lab coat”,it will feature stylish medical students. Yes,medical students love fashion too! For this …