How fashionable are your gadgets?

Hi darls,does your fashion sense extend to your gadgets? or do you clothe yourself only and forget about your daily helpers? Yes,they help us in all the ways you can think of and deserve to wear ‘clothes’ too! Lol….
Below are my faves for today and no they are not for you to wear,they are for your gadgets..hehe!

Fashion cases for phone and tabets
  1. Chain print Ipad case $33.91 Here
  2. Glamour Iphone 4/4s case in white $22.95 Here
  3. Scarlet Iphone 5 case $24.50 Here
  4. The puzzled Iphone 5 case $11.95 Here
  5. Scarf print laptop case $16.95 Here
  6. Cherry bomb Iphone 4/4s case $24.50 Here
  7. Cobalt suede Ipad case $13.56 Here
  8. Iphone 4 case in woodland camo $27 Here 

I’m not an apple user but those babies are so cute,i just had to share with y’all. My current cases are not even as cute as they are….

fashion and gadgets
fashion and gadgets
fashion and gadgets


  The Laptop is the only one without a case because i haven’t found a transparent case that won’t cover up it’s original floral design,any suggestion(s)? By the way, that’s Hp Garden Dreams, it was exclusive to Walmart,i don’t know if it still is,i got it in 2011.
Do you ‘clothe’your gadgets too?
Have a lovely weekend!!


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