Denim Shirt, Pencil Midi Skirt And Gilet Outfit

Hello lovelies, happy sunday, hope your weekend has been great. Keeping it easy-breezy today..denim shirt paired with a pencil midi skirt and a camel gilet. After talking about midi skirts in my last newsletter (for newsletter subscribers) i decided to rerock my pencil midi. But this time with more accessories. You remember my post about forgetting    accessories, to me the accessories are the beauty of this outfit besides the person wearing them ofcourse 😉

 Today’s service was such a special one to me. For a while now, I’ve been facing lots of challenges – family, personal and otherwise and feeling so distant from myself. I was gradually losing my positivity without even realising it though I was still acting like everything is fine, deep down I could still feel a void then I read Brenda(canneverbeaskinnybish)’s post on her favorite bloggers where she mentioned me, one of the things she likes about me is my words of encouragement and spiritual upliftment. I realised I haven’t been taken my own advices.
The verses we read in church felt like they were directed to me.  I never doubt God but as humans at times we tend to stop hoping and just watch things unfold, to be honest that has been me for a while now as everything seemed to be going wrong. I have been living and waking up to every new day without knowing what to expect. The verses reminded me that God doesn’t forsake us because of our actions, if he did..nobody would be alive today. It got me thinking…if God forgot about me, I wouldn’t be here but somehow, through all the challenges I’m still alive, going about my everyday life, that’s God keeping me. All my challenges may not have gone but I won’t let them take over my life, I believe this life is filled with everything we desire, which will manifest at their own time and with God we will function for prosperity, victory and success.

I don’t know what you have been/might be passing through, but one thing I know is that God sees and knows everything, so keep believing and you will get your heart desires at their due time.

*Photos By Ahmad G Alallaf

Outfit: Asos Denim Shirt (get similar shirt) || Asos Skirt (get similar skirt)|| Asos Heels (get similar heels1 and similar heels2) || Asos Bracelet || Boohoo Necklace || Bag and Gilet from local stores || Calliope winter shades (get similar)

Wishing you all a lovely week ahead.
Stay positive and keep smiling

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