Normcore Fashion Trend

 Have you noticed the normcore fashion trend photos, hash tags, posts and discussions that have been circulating over the Internet and social media platforms for some months now? While this 90s fashion trend marked by white sneakers, sports shoes, t-shirts, ill-fitted jeans/pants, baseball caps and zip up sweatshirts isn’t particularly new, people are now just recognizing it as one of the modern fashion trends.
  This is typical for the fashion and Internet world, once a celebrity or known brand identifies/endorses a product or style, in a twinkle of an eye, even an everyday fashion trend could go viral as the newest or latest fashion trend.
 Normcore fashion trend is seen by some people as ‘bland’, ‘not for the elegant’, ‘awkward’,’cliché style taboo’ and more while some people see it as the new ‘cool’, the mixed reaction to this trend wont change in years to come because while some fashionistas and stylists like to switch things up, casual, trendy, chic and hip, others want to look ‘dressed up’ all the time.
 It wont be easy to convince people who have been going about their daily activities on stilettos that it’s also ‘cool’ to do so in sports shoes. they would see it as ‘abnormal’ if they believe being fashionable means being dressed to the nines.
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 Personally i don’t see the normcore fashion trend as anti-fashion or bland. Truth be told, even if you dress up all the time, high heels, tight fitted clothing, bling etc, after bustling about the entire day you would want to settle into something more comfortable, this is where those clothes referred to as bland, basic come in! So basically, you are wearing the trend.
 Fashion isn’t only about the clothes you wear and how you look outside your home, fashion is your way of life, everything you do, your personality, how stylish you are is what makes the difference not the tag on your cloth.
 I think one of the reasons people always want to be dressed to the nines besides looking good is to show off or reflect the ‘i am rich’ image which to me doesn’t necessarily work. A rich girl that lacks style and an average girl that is stylish , who do you think would be noticed first?
 Take a look at Kate Middleton, who has been dubbed “The Duchess of Normcore”, she doesn’t need to look all dressed up to show her wealth and royalty, yet she stands out.
  K-hole, the New york trend forecasting agency that coined the term ‘normcore’ describes the trend as; the desire to be blank, normcore has absolutely nothing to do with clothes and more to do with personalities.  Normcore fashion trend is supposed to be ‘low-effort dressing’ like these weekend outfits for lazy girls but i think it requires a lot to pull off. What do you think?
Have a great weekend!

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