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Fashion Blogger: Natasha B Combines Motherhood, Business And Blogging Skillfully

fashion blogger natasha of fashionably fabulous blog

Hello Lovelies, today’s blogger feature is Natasha Bernard of Fashionably Fabulous. I came across her blog on IFB and i was inspired by how she combined motherhood, her business and blogging. I enjoy discovering bloggers who have businesses , full time jobs and other commitments other than their blogs. In this interview, she shares with us how she does it all and how she maintains that hair and skin. Enjoy…

1. Could you start by telling us a bit about yourself. Any habits, routines, addictions?
I am Natasha B, mother, wife, foodie, travelista, fashionista and everything else in between. Lover of all things culture.

culture pieces in fashion

2. How would you describe your personal style?
I would describe my personal style as a combination of vintage modern, urban and sophisticated chic. I beat to my own drum and very seldom do I follow trends and fashion rules. I don’t believe that great style is only reserved for those with access to high-end luxury. It is ultimately about a creative sense that comes from within. My style is my own.

fashion blogger natasha bernard of fashionably fabulous blog

3. Tell us a bit about your blog and what inspired you to start it, what inspires your posts and for how long do you intend to continue blogging?
I started blogging as a way to channel my inner creative sense. I have always been a creator– whether its sewing my own clothes, making DIY home decor or writing. So Fashionably Fabulous became my virtual space to share, inspire and connect with like-minded folks. I plan on blogging until it no longer becomes fun, creative and inspiring. As of right now, it is all of those things and more.

fashion blogger natasha of fashionably fabulous blog in monochrome outfit

4. What does fashion mean to you? Where do you tend to shop, what fashion item(s) would you splurge on and what would you never be caught wearing, why?
To me, fashion is an expressive and creative art form. It is no different than culinary art, music or any other creative culture. I shop any and everywhere. I’m an avid thrifter but do most of my shopping online and at local boutiques. Online designer sites like TheOutnet, Yoox, bluefly and others are favorites. I also like to support up-and-coming designers as well.  I would splurge on just about anything that I can afford without sacrificing the mortgage. LOL. I will never be caught wearing a pair of Uggs. Ugh!

fashion blogger natasha of fashionably fabulous blog in boyfriend jeans

5. What has changed in your lifestyle, choices, etc since you started blogging?
I’ve had to really stick to a blogging schedule for time management purposes. I still have a full-time corporate gig, so I have to be extremely cognizant of how I manage my time throughout the allotted 24 hours.

fashion blogger natasha of fashionably fabulous blog in corporate outfit

6. How do you combine motherhood, business, traveling and blogging? Any challenges, How do you deal with it?
It is difficult. But again, this is where my time management skills come into play. It is certainly a balancing act. But you find time for what and who you love.

fashion blogger natasha b of fashionably fabulous blog

7. Would you like to see anything change in the fashion industry? What and why?
I think there is no disputing the fact that the fashion industry has made important strides to become more diverse and inclusive. However, there is still more work to be done. From a blogging perspective, take a look at the bloggers who are eating at the fashion blogging table—that table isn’t so diverse. Surely there are many other hardworking creative types also deserving to break bread at that table.

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8. What do you think makes you stand out from other bloggers who combine motherhood, work and blogging?
There is only one me. I am my own person with a unique perspective and outlook on life. You can rest assure that what I bring is 100% me and only me. Unadulterated.

fashion blogger natasha of fashionably fabulous blog in african prints skirt

9. You look fab, your skin, hair, everything glows. what’s your skin care routine, diets, favorite and trusted skincare and beauty products especially for women of color?
Thank you. For skincare—water is my most trusted and free product of choice. LOL. No seriously, I drink lots of water. I also use sheabutter and coconut oil on my skin. I use a hairdress product called Vitapointe for my hair. I’ve been using it for years. I wear MakeupForever’s HD foundation…it is a must have in my beauty arsenal and for facial moisturizer I use a French product called Embryolisse Concentrated Lait Cream, I swear by it. I exfoliate 1-2 times a week. My beauty and skincare regimen is pretty simple.

fashion blogger natasha b of fashionably fabulous blog makeup

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10. Any last advice/tips/words for fashion lovers, fellow bloggers, business women, mothers and/or modavracha’s readers?
My blog slogan is Be Bold. Be Fabulous. Be You! It simply means; take risks and step out on faith. Without risks there will be no rewards. Be fabulous in all that you do. And lastly, always remain true to yourself.

fashion blogger natasha of fashionably fabulous blog skin care

You can stay in touch with Natasha B on Facebook || Twitter || Instagram
I’m beginning to invest more on quality skin care, I’m a big fan of water, shea butter and coconut too. I’ve recently become interested in Korean skincare regimen and ordered a bunch of samples which i will elaborate on in future posts. I’ve seen lots of positive reviews online about Makeup forever’s HD foundation, it seems really nice.
Hope you enjoyed reading her answers as much as I did..

Till my next post
Be bold, Be fabulous, Be you!