The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Cleansing Light Oil Review

Hello Lovelies, how was your week? I’m sorry for being a bit MIA on the blog, blame it on the weather and school. Today i will be sharing with you another Korean skincare product from my face care regimen used in makeup and impurities removal. Check my previous review for the first product.

The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Cleansing Light Oil Review

This product has two types, Light and Rich. I bought Light because it was suggested for oily skin, so keep reading for the face shop rice water bright cleansing light oil review…..
Cleansing oils are used for make up removal because of how they melt out make up easily, helping to ease the make up removal process avoiding harsh rubbing and scrubbing of the skin while moisturizing your skin. Before purchasing this product, i occasionally used coconut oil to achieve this in the past depending on how much makeup i had on, btw this cleansing oil removes makeup better than coconut oil.
Whenever i use my cleansing tissues first, i feel like i have no use for this product, because the tissues are oily (olive oil) it felt like too much oil but each time i use it alone, I feel the difference because my skin feels softer and cleaner after washing.The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Cleansing Light Oil Review Swatch

The face shop rice water bright cleansing light oil review

  • Light (almost feels like water), non sticky, easy distribution and absorption.
  • Melts and cleans makeup.
  • Easy to use, simply pump into clean palms and massage the face avoiding the eyes.
  • Washes off well with foam cleanser/face wash/soap
  • A pump goes a long way (so this product will last longer, 150ml)
  • Mild scent (not irritating or harsh ) – this might be a turn off for people who prefer completely fragrance-free cosmetics.

 Cons (not really)

  • Because of how light it is, it could run, so one needs to be careful not to waste it while pumping out the product.
  • It has a mild scent (this might not be a con for some people because its mild), i’m not a big fan of scents in cosmetics especially facial products because most irritate my skin but i can manage mild scents like this if the product works and doesn’t irritate my skin).
  • It costs above $10 but below $20 (some people would rather spend the same amount for other skincare products than a cleansing oil), Whether this is affordable or expensive is totally an individual choice.
  • It contains some ingredients which may trigger acne/irritate skin in some people according to COSDNA, but considered safe too.(i have an acne-prone skin and i didn’t have problems with it, i’ve been using it for the past 2 months)
The face shop rice water bright cleansing light oil review, Cleansing oils uses
  I like this product, maybe because it’s the first korean cleansing oil i’ve used and i don’t have any product to compare it to yet, however it’s not one of those products that i can’t do without/rush to repurchase especially if i keep using oil cleansing tissues. But if need be i would repurchase it because it cleanses fine unless i try a better cleansing oil (one of the good things about buying korean beauty products is that majority of the sellers always add samples of other products that may turn out greater than the initially purchased one).
Where To Buy: Amazon || Ebay || W2beauty (you can get $5 off your first order of $30 and above with my sponsor code 055355010 plus samples and 5% off your next order when you review the purchased products following the link in the email received asking you to review the product)
 If you are looking to try cleansing oils, this would be great start. Any experience with cleansing oils? let me know which products you’ve tried in the comments.
 Have a great weekend
The face shop rice water bright cleansing light oil review
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  • Consistency
  • Ingredients
  • Effect
  • Ease of use
  • Fragrance
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Love it even though it’s the first oil cleanser I’ve tried.

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