Updated Korean Skincare Routine For Trouble/Acne-Prone Skin

¬†I know, right! My thoughts exactly – I’ve become obsessed with Korean skincare products ūüėČ Fear not, my trial and error days are over. I’m sticking to these products at least till summer. I will still be reviewing the previously used ones in case they would be more beneficial to someone else.
korean skincare products from Innisfree and Mizon for acne prone and sensitive skin.
 So, as I mentioned in my previous Korean beauty posts, most of the products initially listed in my routine were great but not great enough for trouble/acne-prone skin. After reading lots of reviews on the troubled skin lines, i found out that the ones from Innisfree worked great and were also one of the best affordable brands.

 I  purchased the Innisfree jejubija anti-trouble facial foam (* reviewed) as a replacement for the skinfood Aloe vera foaming cleanser (*reviewed), the Innisfree bija anti-trouble skin (*reviewed) to replace the Etude house wonder pore freshner (*reviewed), the faceshop herbday cleansing tissues (also comes in travel size of 20 sheets) as substitute for the Innisfree olive real cleansing tissues (*reviewed) which is awesome by the way but since i still have the faceshop rice water bright cleansing light oil (*reviewed) i figured i go for this one which contains 70 sheets for the meantime instead of the innisfree which only contains 30 sheets and are about same price..#korean #skincare products from #Innisfree and #Mizon for acne-prone skin.

Innisfree and Mizon products for acne prone and sensitive skin.
¬†I added the Mizon AHA 8% peeling serum¬†(*reviewed)¬†for my old acne scars and dark spots after reading lots of reviews about it’s effect on spots especially the review from this Korean male skincare blogger Pico Prince.
Great korean skincare products from Innisfree and Mizon for trouble skin.
 The rest in the photo below were freebies and samples, one of the advantages of buying products from w2beauty. The products include:
                    Benton snail bee high content mask.
                    Etude House Collagen Eye Patch.
                    Soo Arbutin essence masks.
¬†….and different samples of products from Benton, Sulawhasoo, Su:m, The Faceshop and Mizon
korean skincare mask sheets.
 All products were bought from w2beauty and you can get $5 off your first order of $30 and above with my sponsor code 055355010 plus samples and 5% off your next order when you review the purchased product following the link in the email received asking you to review the purchased product. While i like w2beauty because of the reward system, sheet masks and samples, you can get these products at lesser prices on Amazon and Ebay but without guarantee of free sheet masks and samples..
 If you have used any of the products mentioned, please do share!


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