DIY Sleeveless Trench Outfit

  I’ve always admired sleeveless trench outfits but each time i look at the prices of any of the trench coats i really like and check my budget, i curl back into my shell. When i saw this dress in a store during my Kiev trip i knew i wanted to make it a hold-on trench, I like to refer to pieces that i use to substitute ones that i can’t have as “hold-on pieces” :))
  This was my outfit to Uni today, the weather was warm but it was a really sunny and windy day…..
 This is my second mom jeans on the blog, do you remember my first mom jeans? So i finally got another in the classic jean color from Zaful; an online store that sells affordable trendy pieces with lots of collections to choose from.


Ok, I actually wore these Asos Tbar flats to Uni not the heels :)) I like to be very comfortable when going for classes because the classes are almost like travelling!

Wearing: H&M Dress as trench (In love with this) || Incity Top || Zaful Jeans *c/o (love this other color also) || New Look Heels || Hotic Bag || Claires Earrings

What do you think of the DIY trench, have you ever turned your dress into a coat?

Have a nice day!
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