Giving Back in Style

As many of you bloggers and followers know, sometimes when we look at so many outfits, think so much about what to buy next, and feel so much pressure to get that Instagram worthy outfit, it just is all too overwhelming and we start to fall into boring outfit patterns. Work and busy social lives don’t help. I fell in this trap recently.Schoolgirlhustle Then, my dear friend made a post about the new brand she started that helps raise money for girls reaching for their dreams. She designed t-shirts that spoke to her and her own struggle to get through school. She is a PhD candidate right now! The design is funky and empowering. This #GirlBoss has dubbed her brand #SCHOOLGIRLHUSTLE. When you buy one of the shirts, she donates a portion to help purchase school supplies or pay for costs like tuition for girls in need.plaid skirt
The new tee I ordered has been my new casual go-to. Then, I got a new plaid skirt in the mail. I opened the package and happened to lay it next to my #SCHOOLGIRLHUSTLE tee, I was struck by a new outfit idea! I paired the graphic tee with the paid shirt and loved every second of it. Next time you’re in an uninspired outfit rut, try pairing something “fancy” with something very casual. Don’t forget the lipstick.graphic tee outfit
Get the #SCHOOLGIRLHUSTLE for you or a friend here. This would make the perfect holiday gift!
Get your own plaid skirt here.

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